Cam pan v3, tore up from the floor up

So when I first got it it worked ok for a week then it started having to be hard reset daily. and then it would just make a clicking sound.
I reflashed it today it worked fine for a few minutes you could log in and see the feed then the app cannot connect to it the camera seems to be operating solid blue status light and it is looking around then the led goes red or blinks blue the speaker pops and it resets itself. And when it comes back in you can connect to it for a moment then you cannot.

I have a pan three pan v2 and none of them do this. Only the pan v3.

Is it defective?

Sounds defective. Open a support case with Wyze to get a replacement.

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Yeah it’s being pitiful.

Ok I’ve looked though the site and cannot find
How to do that.

Start a support ticket here. Wyze Customer Support



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What is going to happen when all of my Outdoor battery cameras stop charging if the batteries =fail. I have not seen anyone speak of being able to replace a battery in the future, as all rechargable batteries never last forever. Does anyone know if there will be any battery replacements and or method to do so in the future. I asked WYZE if they planned to offer replaceable batteries for the future, because I would like to prepare to have one when the batteries are worn out rather than throw away an Good Outdoor camera some day, as I have liked using them in various places all of the time.