No customer service for dead Camera

I have a 2 year old Cam Pan that stopped working. I called customer service and since the camera is 2 years old I was told the best you can do is offer me 15$ to use on the WYZE site. I have in total 7 WYZE cameras for home, family and work. If you can not stand by your products and help loyal customers I will never buy another WYZE product and use your competitors.

Your out of factory warranty, you can try to fix the issues or trash it we had a few old V2 we pulled the sd card and put it in the new V3 big difference in camera quility and performance go try it hell there cheap…

Most companies have warranty periods and after the warranty ends, you get nothing. Wyze gave you 15 toward a replacement, going above what most companies would do.


Totally agree with @towelkingdom
Wyze went above and beyond giving you a $15 credit on an out of warranty camera.

The original Pan-Cam was $30 and that is cheap for a Pan-Tilt camera, I think of Wyze cams being like Bic Lighters (Disposable) When they run out you get a new one. Would you expect Bic to replace your out of butane lighter for Free?

Be happy you got $15 towards your next Disposable Wyze Cam, Really :exploding_head:


Sounds like a deal for sure

Man, get the 15 bucks and move on. 2 years out of a cheap device is ok. Even PCs for thousands of dollars only offer 1 year warranty and if they die, you are on your own.

15 bucks is quite generous.

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Hell 2 years on a $20.00 camera…dirt chyou can’t cant even have a sit down lunch for $20.00 I would say the $15.00 there going to get is a one time discount on a new V3…another hell of a deal…need to do it soon

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I have to wonder if they are really expecting “That camera is out of warranty, but we’ll still replace it for free” from Wyze’s competitors if one of their cameras fail.

I expect Wyze’s offer would be generous compared to what most of them would (or rather would not) offer.

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Chris7234 - you said (about Wyze) “If you can not stand by your products and help loyal customers I will never buy another WYZE product and use your competitors.” Since they are standing by their products and they are helping loyal customers, I guess that means you will be buying more Wyze products and you will not be using their competitor’s products. Great. It looks like a WIN on your part and on their part.

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