I want to be able to put a v3 camera outside of a door and connect it to a tv or monitor right inside of the door without having to pay a monthly fee

I want to be able to put a v3 camera outside of a door and connect it to a tv or monitor right inside of the door without having to pay a monthly fee

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There are a couple possibilities to do this without a subscription. It isn’t going to happen from within the Wyze offerings.

Since Wyze cams are IP cams, you can do this in a couple ways so long as the TV is a Smart TV or has an HDMI port.

  1. Use Alexa on an Alexa Enabled Smart TV to stream the cam.
  2. Use Alexa on an a Fire Stick plugged into the HDMI port to stream the cam.
  3. Load an app called TinyCam Monitor onto the Smart TV or Fire Stick to stream the cam.
  4. Use your phone to Cast the stream to the TV.
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I mounted a tablet to the wall, loaded the Wyze app on the tablet and stream the cam directly over WiFi to the tablet 24/7.


this will be at our building where our congetion meets and we don’t have alexia


thanks, but i want to use a tv so people can see it, and we don’t have the money for the cost of a big ipad


If you need a camera to work with a TV then Wyze probably isn’t the answer. Read this and see if it might give you some ideas:

You might be able to connect a web cam (including the V3 with web cam firmware) to the USB port on a smart tv:

It doesn’t have to be an expensive iPad. I have two tablets mounted to walls that display one of my cameras 24/7 using the Wyze app. One is an older Samsung Android tablet that I bought used just for that purpose, the other is my old iPad Air 2nd gen. You would be surprised how much you can see in landscape full screen from 10 feet away.

If you really want a TV, the cheapest/easiest way I can think of would be an old phone with the Wyze app on it dedicated just for the purpose of streaming that camera. Then use an HDMI adapter that works with that phone to the TV. Or you may be able to use something like a Chromecast if you want or need it wireless to the TV

I actually do something similar in our RV trailer. I have one of my old iPhones velcro stuck to the entertainment center under the TV and connected to the entertainment system with a lightning to HDMI adapter. That way I can use my streaming apps or even my home Wyze cameras right on the camper TV. I also have a Firestick on that TV, but some of my apps like Hulu Live consider a Firestick a home TV device and won’t allow me to stream if we are away from our home network, but allow it on a mobile device.

it just doesn’t seem that a ipad screen would be large enough but thanks for the help. i do have some older ipads here but not sure if they will run the wyze app.
I will check it out to see if it is big enought for others to see. I am still hoping someone comes up with a way to hook it to a tv.

what did you use to mount the ipads to the wall?

You can do what I do. If you are using an iPhone (or Android I think) to view the camera(s) via Wyze app, just do Screen Mirroring to the TV, provided it is a SMART TV. Problem solved.

thats fine for just me but this setup will be for others to use not really me,thats why i want a tv that would stay on 24-7 and others don’t need a phone, app or anything to see if its all clear outside.

Wyze cameras are IOT devices and don’t have the required hardware to stream video via any means other than WiFi. In order to view the video stream on a TV or monitor, you’ll need some type of device/dongle as an in-between or built into the TV (smart TV). There are no means to retrofit a Wyze cam to accomplish a direct cam-to-TV feature, it would require a cam redesign. Some of the more popular methods to achieve your end goal with a Wyze cam are noted above by SlabSlayer.

well that is not good, i didn’t want to have to get all kinds of stuff to make this work, we don’t have alexia and that would be a waste for us to buy just for two cameras. I am really bumped, i really like wyze, i have them in my home and really wanted to use them for congegetions building.

I hear you brother, but unfortunately Wyze is not in a business of personal favors :wink:
They are here to make money :slight_smile:

How about a smart tv with a web browser. Cam v3 works while streaming on a web browser. Just make sure the smart tv is a good one with strong enough processor and you should be fine

Also make sure you have CamPlus, prerequisite for CamLive :slight_smile:

cam plus cost more money so thats not something I want to do eighter but thank you

so your saying that you would need camplus to stream to a web browser then?

How do you use the browser on the tv to stream the camera?

Yes. The Wyze Web View service that allows cams to be streamed in the Wyze Web View website is a CamPlus service that requires a paid CamPlus license on a compatible Wyze Cam.

It would have to be a Smart TV with WiFi access. Smart TVs have an operating system already installed on them and a WiFi transceiver inside for them to connect to wifi, much like a tablet or laptop. Without this, the TV would need to have an HDMI port where a Service Provider Dongle that provides the WiFi, Operating System & Internet Browser can be plugged in.

In either case, either the Smart TV or the Dongle will have a Web Browser on it to go to the Wyze Web View website, login, and stream the cam video.

For example, I have an older, not so smart, TV that does not have it’s own operating system or WiFi. I use the Amazon Fire TV Stick plugged into the TV to provide the WiFi connection and the Web Browser to load and log into the Wyze Web View website using the Internet Browser (Amazon Silk).

Because I have CamPlus on all my cams, I can stream my cams thru the Web View Website. However, with the Amazon Fire TV Stick, which comes pre-loaded with Alexa and only requires an Amazon account and NOT a paid subscription (Amazon OS based Smart TV’s will also operate this way) I can stream my cams without a Wyze or Amazon subscription using the Wyze Skill and Alexa which is built into the Amazon OS. All that is required is the Amazon Fire TV Stick (currently on sale on Amazon for a limited time for $25).

Note… The similar Roku Dongle is problematic in streaming. It does not have a compatible direct stream assistant like Alexa and apps that provide Web Browsing are very limited and usually require side loading. I am still experimenting with this to see if I can get a stable stream established.

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