I have an outdoor wyze camera and want an indoor one

I already have an outdoor camera and think I want one to watch my puppy when I am away inside. Do I need all new hookups or can an indoor camera be associated with the outdoor one?

You can just purchase another camera and added it to your Wyze account.

I would suggest the Wyze Cam V3 or Pan for this use. Both of these cameras need to be plugged in to power, but they connect directly to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network (no base station needed).

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When I look at the price, it says 1 month of Cam Plus – what does that mean?

Cam Plus is a subscription service, click link below for more information

I already have it with my outside Wyze Camera…I probably don’t need it for indoor???

Exactly what it says
You get a FREE month of CamPlus with the purchase of the camera.
Then you decide whether to continue and pay (or not) after the free month

Won’t it automatically notify me if it sees movement?

Cam Plus is an upgrade for Wyze Cam devices that adds Person Detection to your Complete Motion Capture videos. With this service, you’ll be able to record full-length videos, receive real-time alerts when people are detected, and filter all of your video clips with people in them.

That depends on your needs. The best is to understand what all is offered or come standard with the camera, and decide what parts, all, or none that you want to utalize. Do your due diligence understanding what free cloud service is, cam plus is, local storage is when it pertains to the different cameras, and choose which, any or none you want to use. The best is to be informed.

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That’s what I’m trying to do by asking questions to the forum. There’s many intelligent people who will share their knowledge and help me make a decision

Karen Chiles

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More info and video at this link —> CamPlus <---- Click this link

Watch the video for a FULL explanation to your questions.

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I already have that with my outside camera. If I buy one for the inside, do I need it for each camera individually?

TY!!! So I can use Cam Plus, which I already have for my outside camera for my inside camera too?

Camplus is one license per camera. Want camplus on two cameras? Need two licenses.

Camplus licenses can be moved at your will, so have two cameras but only one license? You can move it between the cameras when ever you want.

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Fabulous. Thank you for clarifying for me

Karen Chiles