I’m a self-centered boomer

I have 6 cam v3 black still new-in-box after receiving them from Amazon a month ago. Waiting for this issue to resolve before I deploy and shift from Plus Lite to Unlimited as I pledged I would do months ago. :woman_shrugging:

I agree, and it’s not just because I’m a self-centered boomer. It is factual, obvious, self-evident. :woman_scientist:

Please please me. :wink:

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Coward > :black_cat::rofl:

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Check them before warranty expires!

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Totally agree. This is not firmware issue, I bet it is something really simple and stupid, but again I’m not a programer :upside_down_face:

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Come on frogman, bite the bullet and do it. There is no fun in waiting, I did it and I’m still kicking :rofl:

And as @ssummerlin said, do it before the warranty expires :slight_smile:


I second that :rofl:


@Antonius @ssummerlin @habib

I’ve lost the will to install. I need a younger version of myself to do that. Alas, none in proximity, so hosed.

That’s Life in the Big :cityscape: .

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I send you some help. :skunk: :skunk: :raccoon: :raccoon: and a Possum supervisor. :grin:

Thank you, sir. Let us confab and see what emerges. :smile_cat:

They helped with with my Liar WCO today. The cam was off line but it showed 67% battery so I had the :raccoon: check it out and he said It was really 0%. Currently charged up to 93%, he’s a good tech.

I would get a Chinese robot. Seems I saw them advertise somewhere.

Put a request in the Wyze wishlist.

I feel your pain, hence all my cameras have easy access. Worst case scenario, step stool.

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Shhhh, don’t give them any ideas!

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It does sound kind of scary.

Could you imagine the support cases for faulty robots?

What I imagine is a robot turning on a owner because of sloppy coding :scream:

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You’ve established a rapport. It’s paying off. :+1:

I prefer the ribbit. :grin:

It’s not that long ago I used to heave an extended extension ladder around unassisted.

It is long ago, though. Nice while it lasted. :crying_cat_face:

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Boomers Gone Wild! :rofl:

We now return to our regular stretchy pants programming… :tv:

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Hey, it’s like having our own club :rofl:

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All of us put together probably equal one semi-able man! :wheelchair:


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I think you are a bit harsh :wink: