I have CamPlus but Still Have 5 Minute Cool Down!

I have CamPlus on three of my cameras. The most important cam, facing the front door, is a v3 Pro is one of the cameras. The video is acting like I do not have CamPlus and is enforcing a 5 minute cool down period before recording another event. Why?

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Something is definately not syncing up with the server correctly. If this were on one of my cams, I would first make sure my app and firmware were up to date. Then:

  1. Clear the cache
  2. Sign out of the app
  3. Unplug the cam
  4. Restart the phone
  5. Sign back into the app
  6. Plug in the cam
  7. Test

If it was still doing this, I would unassign the Cam from the Cam Plus License prior to 1-7 and then reassign it again before testing.

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Definitely agree that I’d try everything SlabSlayer mentioned here!
And if it still wasn’t working, I’d reset the cam to factory settings, delete it from the app, then set it up again as if it were brand new. That should clear whatever weirdness is going on here.


I had that show up once in my event list even though I clearly had 2 event videos within 1-2 minutes of each other (with that message in-between them).

When I refreshed the list by selecting another day and back, it was back to normal. Not sure what happened there, but looks like sometimes there can be erroneous messages.

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