Two issue regarding Cam Plus

Not sure when it started, suddenly, recently the icon (having a plus sign inside half a circle) that’s next to the left side of the gear at the far upper corner is entirely unresponsive.

And, Cam Plus feature for setting the duration of the video recording upon motion detection as well as the cool down time setting is unavailable too. Yet, all the AI toggles do exist.

I already performed reset on the cams, update all the firmwares, reinstalled the app after clearing the cache and data, etc.

I have 2 Cam Plus subs and 2 legacies, assigned between Cam Pan, Cam V3 and Cam Outdoor.

Ignore the plus sign or it’s pop up and just tap “Stay Here”. I get the same thing once in a while…

Thanks for your reply. How about the recording time parameters, especially useful when having 3 subscriptions to Cam Plus. They’ve been already assigned to the cams I have. The recording duration and cool down settings are nowhere to be found within any of the settings. I last saw them a couple of days ago, now they’re gone. Just like the plus sign inside the circle, it worked for a while, now it became unresponsive, yet it’s responsive when I use the app on my tablet - firmwares are all up to date, so as the apps on both devices.

There is no recording duration or cooldown settings if your camera is on cam plus. Forget that plus sign, you don’t need to mess with it. Clear the cache on the app, Open app>go to account bottom right>go to app setting can clear until it show 0.B. Maybe even force close the app and open again. On my phone if I tap the stupid plus in the circle it will show manage service and stay here. Manage services is where you can move the cam plus service from the cam it is on to another camera without Cam Plus. Stay here does nothing and changes nothing.