Hummingbird invasion

I have counted at least 10 hummingbirds. This swarm happens from dawn to dusk every day, even when it is raining.

If you are wondering about my homemade multi feeder, I need to find a way to attach a bottle so the feeder doesn’t need to be filled as often. Something like a 1 litre soda bottle adapter to plastic pipe.


Do you ever get swarms of bees/wasps? That’s often been a problem with feeding Humming birds…the wasps get attracted too…but I guess the special deep hole makes it so only the HB’s can prosper from it so the others should give up pretty quick.


Once in a while I will see a wasp buzzing around the feeder. The flower holes are too small for insects to get in. Fortunately no swarms of bees or wasps.


Happy Hour :cocktail: :cocktail:

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Oh wow! Thanks for sharing. @mvb would like this as well.

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I only have a single 3 hole feeder about 18 inches from the camera. The 1 or 2 hummers that visit my feeder don’t make much of a dent in the supply. It doesn’t have the large supply bottle like yours do. My concern is that the nectar supply will go bad after more than 5 days.

When I take it down to clean it, it is still 3/4 full.

I clean and refill them every week. Mold grows easily, and if your feeder gets direct sunlight the sugar water will ferment.

Thats awesome! They love you! :heart_eyes:

I provide what they want is all. But I was thinking about this

I doubt I could sit still long enough.


Omg what is that!?! :rofl: :laughing: :joy:

Would love a video of someone using that, probably would be too scared though cuz any little movement would be amplified since it’s in a stick.

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That’s awesome!

Had a brain fart last night. The two things keeping my hummingbird tube feeder project from being completed are how to mount it and how to fill it.

It needs to be mounted in the shade so it has to be hung from the eaves like my other feeders. It has to remain level otherwise the sugar water will drip out and attract insects on the ground. Can’t really mount it and climb a step stool to fill it every few days. Thought about a retractable plant hanger on each end, but figuring out how to lower both in synchronization is above my pay grade (I’m retired so …)

My latest idea is to connect a flexible plastic hose to the feeder and use a pump to fill the feeder. Probably a hand pump because the sugar water would plug up an electric pump.

Might get this done before the hummingbirds migrate but it will take them a while to become accustomed to it.

Could you just have a hook (pulley) at the top and tie the feeder to a rope. Hook the other end of the rope to the ground or wall, the you can pull the other end off the hook and raise it up to lower the feeder.

Or is that not gunna be level enough

The only place I can place my feeder is in front of the living room picture windows on the west side of the house. There are no other good viewing spots on my house. Only the north side is shaded all day.

I just watch the water in the feeder. After 4 days, I clean it or if I notice the water is getting cloudy.

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The more you put out there, the more they will eat. My brother fed them for months, daily. Then it became work vice pleasure. So, he stopped. Then when they went out on their deck, the birds would divebomb and swarm them, because they missed and wanted their food.


I think I gave a hummingbird brain freeze.

The feeders were alnost empty, so I refilled them with leftover nectar I had made a few days ago. It was in the basement fridge.

Saw a hummingbird at a feeder for over 2 minutes. Most of the time they feed for a few seconds then leave.

The three feeders have been vacant for over 5 minutes which is not normal.

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That is so typical of them to let you know they need their food. The ones in our yard will sit on the feeder then look toward our house (I swear) as if saying its time to refill - great entertainment and I’m happy to help them


The accepted ratio is 4 to 1. Higher sugar ratios could cause fatty liver disease / steatosis. Red dye is not necessary and another potentially harmful ingredient, You can buy feeders with red tinted plastic/glass reservoir,

Never boil water that already has sugar dissolved in it - doing this could create sugar crystals which are dangerous, possibly fatal for hummers.

The number one issue is fermentation and bacterial contamination. In warm weather - change the nectar every two days. Never use honey - often already contains bacteria and ferments very rapidly.

We all love our amazing little birds - show the love by taking due care of the feeder(s),


MrsG said she was tired of looking at the tube hummingbird feeder in the basement.

Going to connect a v3 in the next few days.

I am encouraged because my hopes of this attracting hummingbirds and them taking to it were not high.

Already had at least 5 visitors. :grinning:

This is temporary. Either I overfilled it, or it is not perfectly level, or I have a leak.

Filling it wasn’t difficult. I bought this which made it less messy.