Got a Surprise When Adjusting Hummer Feeder

I also moved the cam closer to the feeder and it was still in focus.


Put your fingers by the flowers. They’ll use your fingertips as perches to rest while feeding. :+1:

For added entertainment, wear sunglasses. They’ll see their reflections and try to poke your eyeballs out. Ask me how I know. :rofl:


Haha, youch. I don’t have any flowers left for them to get anything from.

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Since the like they sugar so much feed them marshmallow :rofl: Diabetes Birds…

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I think what @Seapup is suggesting is to put your fingers near the flowers on the feeder. Hummers will feed out of a feeder in your hand.


In grade school someone told me that if a blue jay saw your eyes it would poke them out. Might be based on the same thing.

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I would show MrsG this, but the first thing she would notice are your multiple she sheds. That is a sore subject here. She wanted a she shed big enough to sit in, maybe with a ceiling fan. Went as far as getting a bid from a place that manufactures them to your specs, delivers it and places it on your existing foundation. I could not find anyone to even give me a bid to pour a footing for an 8x10 shed.
So, her She Shed is a Suncast

(stock photo of shed)

Now I feel like taking all my feeders down except for one, and sit right by it with sunglasses on.


:person_facepalming: :rofl: I’m a little slow at times.


I built this shed for about $2000 by the time I was done with landscaping, concrete floor and the shed itself.

(The shed is level, it’s the Pan Cam that’s not.)

@AnnWithAPlan, I thought my hummers had left the area. Went 2 days without a sighting. Then this female shows up in the middle of a high winds rainstorm. :grinning:



Sometimes a hummer will perch on the bail wire for the feeder and doesn’t allow any other hummer near.

Image is poor but you get the idea


Yeah, I’ve always seen them doing that with various feeders I had. I even had a perch for them last summer. In one place I lived with my late husband, they’d hang out on some passion flower vines just outside our living room window.
This feeder I have up right now doesn’t have anything to perch on. The bigger feeder I have with a perch all around (which they really liked) doesn’t have anything to hang it with, so I’m thinking of gluing something on this one for them.

It’s still early enough in the year for them to keep coming around.

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Here in Wisconsin, is has been windy and raining all day. My hummingbird feeder is outside my living room windows and I can watch it from my chair. Because of the weather today, I have spent most of the day in my chair.

I have been watching that hummer, from the picture above, all day just sitting on the feeder for up to 30 minutes at a time. It seems like the feeder is sheltered from most of the wind and rain. But, it still breaks my heart to see her and not being able to really do anything. I know it’s all part of nature and she is built for this type of weather.


I use these cheap Perky-Pet brand feeders with perches. Walmart and Home Depot sell them. I think I got mine from Walmart for around $10 each:


I know what you mean. I’ve seen them sitting for quite awhile under cover, but not sure for that long. One of these days I’ll get my pro camera out and get some better footage.

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Thanks. I do have to go to town today and will be going by Walmart and Home Depot and will check them out. I’ve got the cam turned around facing the back porch so I can catch when a pkg arrives later today.

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I added another two videos and also got a new feeder with perches today. It was the only one like it left at Walmart.

It ended up being closer to the cam, but seems to be even clearer.

It may take a little bit for her to figure out that she can sit on the perch. The hummer that comes to mine will sit there for 10 minutes looking for little flying bugs to eat and then drink some nectar.


Yeah, I used to use the ones with the perches. I’ll see what happens with it today.