Hummingbirds ????

I just put up my Hummingbird feeder in front of my cam.


Anyone else going to try this ?

Yes, I set one up last week on the arm holding one of our feeders…so far all I’ve seen are finches drinking the hummingbird juice…

So far no takers of any kind.


Here’s a femalebroad tailed here in Colorado

I put my Wyze cam right next to the hummingbird feeder and caught several clips to create this short video.


I put my Wyze Cam right next to my hummingbird feeder and caught a series of short clips to create the following short video. Enjoy


Nice, thnx for posting.

First of the Season.

ruby taking off because bluebird arrived, also goldfinch Only event I could find with all three at same time :grinning:

Here’s our bird


Here’s our other orange hummingbird

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GREAT close up video.
Very cool. I see you have the same problem as I do. ANTS !!!

No more ants with this moat! :smiley:

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I didn’t want to have to re-fill moat all the time so I tried this gel ant repellent on my shepherd hook and it worked well last summer.

Cool, I’ll have to give it a try.

can you take a pic of how you’ ve got your cam attached ro get this view? I’m stumped on where to put my cam to get hummingbird pics

The camera is no longer setup. It was attached to a small tripod and that was just sitting on the fence cap.

I’ve had mine up for about 3 weeks now. No takers yet. Maybe to early still here in Ohio.

Hi, they are back here in British Columbia. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, here is a short video.

1588377097.mp4 (733 KB)

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