Hummers finally showed up at the feeder

I reassigned my back porch cam to the hummingbird feeder the other day. They finally found it and started coming at 6:20am! The cam is about 16" away, but it seems farther. I’m going to try and get it a few inches closer tomorrow.



Thanks. I did manage to get up there and move the cam closer just a little while ago. I didn’t want to do it while they were coming and going. I couldn’t get the old well house and carport out of view.

My brother put a hummingbird feeder outside on his elevated deck several years ago. It was beautiful watching them flock to it. He would make up a batch of sugar water and fill the bottle. It would last a few hours and there would be dozens of birds. They quickly developed a routine. He’d fill, they’d drink. Then he was gone for a couple of days and no sugar (water). When he came back and went to get the feeder, he said he was swarmed. Not touching but flying so close as if to punish him for his failure to feed. This was a no win situation. He said, he simply stopped feeding, because it became more trouble that worth, as more came and the feeder was empty sooner. And they could not go out on the deck for the birds ready to swoop in.

Aww, I have had friends who had that happen, too. I’ve only had 3 up at the same time in the past, in different locations. These ones know that if they can’t get it here they can just go next door. I think I’m going to just stick with one right now, because I’ve got the cam on it.

I think it’s a better view now that I placed the cam closer. FYI, after he leaves there is nothing after that. I trimmed the end off, but the app made the file larger after saving and I couldn’t upload it. These videos definitely look better on a smaller screen. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Congrats!! But - how do you have it so clear?? My V3 is a bit further away and is blurry… :cry:

I don’t know. Maybe because it’s protected from the elements? I make sure to wipe the lenses once in awhile. Here’s the first one from this morning. I must’ve accidentally turned on the motion tagging, ugh.

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That’s sure a good example of how the damn green box for motion tagging ruins a video! First thing I turn off.

Exactly! I do that, too. But I have no idea how I turned it back on. Oh well, there will be others. Besides, I’d rather set my “real” cameras up for the good ones. I’m thinking of building a little box so I can set me camera in it and run it remotely.

Wow, that one today - he’s a gobbler, eh?
Thanks for showing that.

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Haha yeah. I finally got a few more decent ones without the tracking! They were only showing up early in the mornings, so I changed the solution. Hopefully that’ll get them coming back more often. :slight_smile:

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And here’s my favorite so far.

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