I Finally Got a Hummingbird to Visit! Plus: Bonus Squirrel

As the title says, I finally got hummingbird visitors!

I have 2 feeders for them: the one attached to the window and one in the yard on a feeding station.

You can make out birds on the feeding station, but I don’t have a camera out there close enough to get a really good look. I think you can see the hummingbird go to the station in one of the videos as well as the close up.

As promised: Bonus footage of a squirrel using the ant moat around the window hummingbird feeder to drink from. After I saw that, I went out and filled it up more, seemed like he was struggling to reach the water. Might put a larger water bowl out on a table in the yard for him.

[Mod Note]: Re-encoded videos for proper embedded viewing in web browsers.


Fixed it. j/k :slight_smile:

It is crazy how stable they are while flapping so fast. The faster I try to move any part of my body, the less stable I become, but they can super flap their little wings and be extremely stable. It’s crazy.



Bonus squirrel?? C’mon, I’m in… :smiley:

Fun to watch him smack his lips (?) when he comes up for breath…


Looks like smacking one’s lips is anticipatory. Not sure what it’s called after the fact. Savoring? :slight_smile:


:joy: I said visitors because I don’t know if it’s the same one or not. I guess that’d be visitor(s).

When I was a kid I remember an exhibit at the Science Center that had these large wings and you tried to flap them with your arms and it would register your wing strength and compare it to birds based on body weight/height.

Hummingbirds are strong little dudes.


Oh wow, there are 3 videos. I swear when I first opened this post I only saw 1 video. Did you add the others later or am I just crazy?

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Yay! Maybe you could put a small light outside the window that will illuminate the hummers.


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I fixed the videos in question after you 1st viewed the topic. :grin:


Great idea and he can share with the :raccoon: :skunk: :bird: :cat2: and Possum just like my house. :rofl: Of course the :raccoon: gang is still on spring break and MIA.

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My videos needed fixed? Did I do something wrong?

I wish I could do that, but there are no outlets outside my house.

No. It’s a video codec bug when you create a manual copy from SD or live stream using the Wyze app.

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That’s odd. I used my recorded copy that was on my phone in the file selector.

Edit: oh I get what you mean. Yeah, I clicked record in playback to get the video.

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I run extension cords out my window sometimes.

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Nice videos! :heart:

It has been too cold here in Wisconsin for hummingbirds. But my suet feeder has been getting a lot of action: Downy woodpeckers, nuthatches and chickadees.

It is supposed to start warning up, so I’ll be putting the nectar out soon.

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I have been paying attention to the migration this year; last year we got not one hummingbird, I was adamant about getting some this year! :joy:

My suet feeder hasn’t gotten any traction. It’s the first time I’ve tried suet feeders. I got the cake and the suet balls as my feeding station came with the feeder cages for them.

I’m hoping to maybe get a woodpecker or a blue Jay this year too.


What type of camera are you using. We are using a wyze cam pan original but don’t get that kind of quality. We got hummingbirds too. But we are in Florida and they won’t be here much longer this season. Will migrate north soon.


It’s a v3. Have it attached to the window with the window mount.

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I got squirrels on my WYZE V3 cam too.


It’s time to put out my hummingbird feeder. Saw one do a quick flyby looking for some nectar.



Yeah it’s looking for that feeder. :wink:

I see the hummers flying around here too. I’ve had my hummingbird feeder up for a few weeks now.

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