Hub okay, climate sensors with new batteries won't connect to it

I had climate sensors connected to a hub and they worked fine for a year.
There is an anticipated freeze in Texas today.
Cameras, etc. are working, but not the climate sensors.
I removed and reconnected hub. That seems fine.
I have tried to add climate sensors. Always a time out with “move closer.”
They are 2 feet away.
Tried 4 different climate sensors. Put in new 2032’s. It can’t be the batteries.
Wifi (hub to mesh system) is VERY strong.
Any ideas?
Trying to avoid buying both new hub and new sensors if possible.

Contact support first.

Maybe there was a bug in some recent updates? Either with firmware or the app.

If so, any way to roll back firmware updates?

What Wyze app version are you on?

I just tried to add a climate sensor on the beta app (iOS 2.49.0 (2)) (Android 2.49.0.b10) but could not.

I had to roll back to the production app (iOS 2.48.5 (1)) (Android 2.48.1 (381)) to add a climate sensor.