How to securely let a friend Unlock/Lock Wyze Lock and Wyze Lock Bolt?

Question: Is there a smart, secure way to use Wyze devices to let a friend unlock your home’s Wyze Lock, or Wyze Lock Bolt, without giving them a traditional physical key, so they can enter your home themselves. And when they leave, a way for them to lock the door behind them, again, without a physical key.

  1. Should they somehow go thru their own Wyze account and Wyze app installed on their phone ( from an invitation to one of your Wyze devices?)… hit a button to unlock/lock the Wyze Lock/Lock Bolt?
  2. Should they have a Wyze Watch and have a Shortcut setup to lock/unlock?..
  3. Should they ring your Wyze Video Doorbell, you see them in your Wyze app, (or it detects a familiar face which is also authorized to unlock your Lock) and you tap to unlock remotely (but then, without a key, when they leave, how would they lock it behind them?)…
  4. Should you install a keypad outside the door, under a small rainproof cover, which they would enter their own secret personal code, that you can revoke/cancel/change if/when necessary, or automatically expires on a schedule, while you keep your “home owner” secret master code secret, not shared…?

You can use a number of various methods for this. I have set up a special guest code for many family and friends. Some I just share the lock with so they can pick their own code or make their own fingerprint or use the app or whatever is most convenient for them.

With the Wyze Lock you can create a guest code with limitations like allowing it ANYTIME, or just on certain days of the week and certain times of day (so they can’t access it while you’re sleeping, only in the morming through evening while you’re on vacation for example), or just make it temporary for a range of days while you’re on vacation (then just re-enable it each time you go on vacation), or just a one time thing.

The lock bolt isn’t quite as fancy in all those ways, but If you really trust your neighbor, then I would share the lock with them through their own Wyze account and tell them they can unlock it with the app, or set up their own code and/or fingerprint for their convenience to never use the app again.

Whatever you do, don’t share the main lockcode you use. The reason for this is so that you easily maintain full control over it, you can revoke access at any time with minimal disruption to you and your family, and both kinds of locks will be able to track it in the history logs better to tell you exactly WHO accessed the lock and when. This may not seem important when you are only involving a single person you “trust” but it’s still a highly recommended best practice, and it becomes a lot more critical the more people who have access just in case you ever need to review something.