Keep Wyze lock unlocked

My folks are staying in my neighbors mother in law house while we get theirs ready for them. The cabin has a Wyze lock bolt and they have a code to get in. On accident,by messing with it my dad has occasionally gotten it to stay in the unlocked position but doesn’t know how he did it. He wants to know how to set it to stay unlocked without the use a of a phone since the neighbors haven’t had him sync it to his phone. Just gave the keypad code.

If you have access to the app and settings for the Lock Bolt, you can disable the Auto Lock.

Go to the lock in the app and select Settings, top right gear. You will see Auto-Lock, Select that.

Then you will see a toggle for Auto-lock, turn that off. It will be turned into a simple lock which you can unlock in the morning and lock at night.