Wyze Lock/Lock Bolt - Turn User Access On/Off (enable/disable access)

Wyze Lock Bolt allows you to add other users to grant them either specific access codes, or to program their fingerprints. You can then schedule access for each user.

It would be nice to have a simple on/off toggle for the user as well, so you could enable or disable each user’s fingerprint access on-demand as. I’m thinking of people who may need access fairly regularly (not one-time code), who have a fingerprint saved, but I might want to restrict their access to only allow them entry when they ask.

Great idea, make sure to vote for your own wishlist item!


Yes, this would be useful in cases when you have regular guests or house sitters, who you want to have access to all of the lock features and not have to run through user setup each time. The alternative is to either use only TOTP codes (very inconvenient), or leave their account active while they probably shouldn’t have access to the house.

As a work-around, you can set the access schedule time to start and end at the same time. When I tested this, the user could not use the lock, even during the specific minute set in the schedule.

Interestingly, it would work if the time was set to +1 minute, but it would allow access during the first minute AND the remaining time of the second minute, or a total of 2 minutes. The last minute of the end-time is included in the count (except when the start time = the end time). Not a big deal, but explains how and end time of 11:59PM works until midnight.

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Make it easier to disable an individual access code

For the Wyze Lock and Keypad, it would be great for the app to have an option to disable a specific access code. There is already an option to make a specific access code “Always” enabled. However, in order to temporarily disable it, I have to change the access code to have temporary access and set the time to expire within several minutes.

YES. I also just added this item as a wishlist for Wyze Lock temporary access codes for a similar need,

but the ability to simply manually turn user access on and off would be great too!