Wyze Lock Bolt - Delete access code without deleting user

Adding a user with a code to the lock is easy but sometimes you do this when the individual isn’t around. You can add a fingerprint later but if you already added a code there’s no way to delete it without deleting the user and starting over. When you add a new user you are able to set up a fingerprint without setting a code.

I’d like to be able to have a user with a code but if adding a fingerprint later have the ability to delete the code without deleting the user. This allows them to use only a fingerprint for access after.

Scenario/Use Case:
A family member is coming to visit and hasn’t been at the house since lock bolt was installed. They plan to arrive while we are at work so I create a user and give them a code. Since they will visit regularly I want to set up a fingerprint for their user once I am home. After setting up the fingerprint I want to delete the code for the user so I have as few codes as possible programmed on the lock.

This is currently not possible. The only option is to reset the code or delete the user and start over.

Pausing the code would be great.

another work around idea is to change the code to be the same as another user, or make a garbage user and make the code impossibly long and just don’t tell anybody?