Wyze Lock Keypad - Allow selecting month, day, and year separately for temporary access codes

For temporary access codes on the Wyze Lock Keypad, right now we have to scroll through a long list of every single day to find the days we want. I’d like to be able to separately select month, day, and year. Some sort of “calendar picker” type of thing.

I have 2 reasons for this.

  1. I have family who visit regularly and I give them each their own temporary access code while they visit. I set it active for the duration of their visit. Of course, it expires when they leave. But next time they visit, I reuse the same code and update the active time period. It’s a pain to have to scroll through the entire list of every day of every month since last time they visited. It’s either that or delete and recreate the code for that person, which is also a pain.

  2. I have someone visiting a few months from now. I’d like to be able to set up their temporary access code now while I’m thinking of it. Again, I have to scroll through every day of every month from right now to several months from now to get to the date I need.

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