Airbnb Integration for Wyze Lock

Not sure how many people this would apply to but I would love it if the Wyze Lock got Airbnb integration like how it works with the August lock system. Super easy and automated key generation for each guest for the exact time of their reservation (and auto-emails guest their unique code). This is the only thing keeping me on the August lock train on my Airbnb.

This would be great! And add thousands if customers.

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Absolutely agree, I currently use August lock on my Airbnb and VRBO locations and these integrations in place. Guests are given an automatic code for the period of time they are staying and it deletes after check out. It’s pretty great, super handy, and this would drive business to Wyze lock

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Yep would love to see this from Wyze. I would buy their lock in a heartbeat if they had this integration!

I guess no updates on this integration yet? :frowning:

Please do this!!! I am about to convert to august locks from Wyze only because they don’t integrate directly together with Airbnb.

Same here! I have a couple Airbnbs that I would love to have Wyze on opposed to August but I have to have the integration

This is much needed. If not directly to Airbnb at least the ability for something like remotelock

The current Wyze locks don’t work well for a VRBO or AirBNB when you aren’t in the same State as the property. I just spoke with your tech line and they confirmed that none of the current products can be operated completely remotely by internet.

I need a lock that I can program and deprogram codes via internet for new guests and after guests leave.

The current offerings require Bluetooth (being present near the lock) to either program or remove codes. As each rental gets booked, I want to put in new codes and have to remove those codes after a guest leaves.

Thousands of vacation rental owners across the Country could use this internet functionality. I live in Montana and have a condo in Maui.


My name is Shanee and I’m a Product Manager at Wyze. We want to learn more about how customers feel about door locks and Lock Bolt. Any information you provide will only be used for improving our products and will not be shared outside of Wyze. The survey should take 3 minutes or less to complete.

Thank you for your help!


Survey link:


This is incorrect – I have changed, added and deleted codes for Wyze Lock many times from out of state or even out of country.

I would also very much like an Airbnb and VRBO integration for automatic code creation, deletion and notification.

Just found this looking for the same thing - AirBNB integration. I need to be able to change the codes, either totally remotely (hours away) or automatically and have it sync with AirBNB. I doubt the sync thing will happen since they are partnered with August, etc. but just want to be sure I can change the codes myself with the app from anywhere on the Wyze Lock and/or the Wyze Lock Bolt.

nile, I’m intrigued. I just reviewed the specs on the Wyze Lock and it clearly says “Bluetooth Required”. I also called the tech line and they told me the same. How are you doing this when not present in Bluetooth range?

I initially set up the Wyze lock, gateway and keypad with bluetooth, but then the gateway provides a connection between the Wyze lock and the Internet and I can remotely change the keypad codes from the Wyze app via Internet. Does that answer your question?

Thanks so much - I hadn’t looked at the options with the gateway - since I had never seen it listed - I finally realized that it is included with the lock. I just placed an order for the lock and keypad, I’ll give this a try. I don’t know why the tech people didn’t know this … Thanks for the help!

What you need are wifi independent smart locks like those featured by

Wifi goes down and you still need the lock to work. How these locks work is they have a real-time clock and the ability to decode a 10-digit code the defines a time period of access. This way you never have to worry about wifi or even power to your property. You use a phone app or website to generate the 10-digit code at any time for any time period that only your specific lock knows how to decode. No adding or deleting codes ever. Plus, the batteries in these devices don’t have to drive a wifi connection and will last 2-3 years instead of only months.

I would love to see Wyze develop this type of solution based on their Wyze Lock.

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Just received an email from Wyze which makes absolutely no sense since this issue hasn’t been resolved:

Introducing Airbnb Side-Hustle Starter Pack! A bundle of everything you need to protect or even start your own Airbnb side-hustle (including Wyze Lock Bolt)! Now, our bundles are already built to be a deal, but what the heck, take an **extra 8% off through tonight, Sunday, 8/7!

Yeah, I got that e-mail this morning myself. It doesn’t mean that Wyze has an integration with AirBnB in any way. modifies Schlage locks via replacing the motherboard to make the integration with AirBnB possible, but that was a far cry from actually establishing the integration.

It seems odd that the e-mail seems to imply they’ve sent out information on this “Side-Hussle Starter Pack” before.

It would be important because I have 3 airbnbs with Wyze Locks and would love to automate the create of the temporary codes. It would be a time saver. They could also handle a service like Enso Connect, Jervis or Lynx.