Wyze Lock / Bolt Group codes generation

Now that Wyze has a side hustle (airb&b) bundle, there are enhancements that would GREATLY improve a few WYZE products for use in vacation rental business…

Wyze lock /bolt - generating codes is great but my rental has multiple wyze locks and i have many bookings… a great feature would be to group locks and generate codes that work across the group.

Also, ability to auto generate codes similar to how you generate reoccurring meetings in outlook. This would save a lot of time just generating codes across multiple locks.

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Automatic Generation of Guest Code

I am an owner and manager of several short-term rentals, and new user in the Wyze world.

I am noticing that Wyze is really falling short in comparison to Yale, Schlage, Kwickset and others in terms of temporary lock-code generation—and specifically the automation of such.

Yale and others have or work with other applications that integrate direction with all the short-term rental platforms and many property management software applications, such as OwnerRez. These applications automatically trigger the lock to generate a temporary code assigning it a specific user and an applicable timeframe the code is active.

As we continue to grow, manually generating and saving lock codes for our guests is simply too time-consuming and for now, we will need to move over to one of these players that have the integrations in place.

I am hopeful this is a major gap in the Wyze product line that will get filled quickly.