Wyze Lock (keypad): allow shared users to create multiple codes of different types

I got the Wyze Lock + keypad for a common door to a multi-unit building. I really like that it keeps everyone’s codes private (most smart locks do not do this).

However, I was disappointed to see that only the primary owner is able to create multiple codes, including one-time, temporary, and recurring codes. Everyone else can only create a single ‘permanent’ code for themselves.

It would be very very helpful if the users I share the lock with could create and manage multiple codes too, just like the primary user. I don’t see this as a security issue (creating 1 code vs. N codes has no security implications).
The only possible consideration is that the Keypad has a max of 50 keycodes, so it would be easier to hit the max. This could be easily remedied by providing a hardcoded (or customizable) limit like 10 per user.
Failing that, letting each user have two codes would at least give them the ability to have a “personal” code and a “guest/delivery/etc” code.

I think that adding this feature would be relatively easy since you’d mostly be reusing existing functionality/code, and it would really boost the appeal of the Wyze Lock for anyone who wants to share a smart lock with other people.


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