Home Monitoring keypad multiple access codes?

Will the home Monitoring system keypad be able to use multiple keycodes like for the use by a 2nd person, house keeper, etc.?

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Curious if you found this to be possible.

Have not found an answer yet. Hopefully mine ships early on.

I got mine yesterday. So far I haven’t found the ability to have multiple keypad pins. I hope they add it soon if it isn’t there. I did find that there is only one user for Home Monitoring from the app. My wife, through her separate account can see the devices but doesn’t have access to the HMS features like arm/disarm. Pretty bad that they released the product without that feature.

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Mind if I ask when you placed your pre-order? Looking forward to receiving mine :slight_smile:

December 10th. It got here much faster than I expected. Shipped on Wednesday, April 7th from Indiana and arrived at my house in Atlanta on Friday, April 9th. I was expecting it to take a lot longer.

I also want this feature. I am switching from Simplisafe and they made it easy to have multiple pins and to name them. I like having a guest one for pet sitters and also separate ones for parents because they can’t remember anything new :slight_smile:

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Home Monitoring FAQ has the answer to this question and more:

How many PINs I can have for Wyze Home Monitoring?

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To me, this is the biggest issue! I did not see (buried in the FAQ) that you couldn’t “share” the home monitoring. I have been able to share every other device so far (cams, sensors, scale, etc) and it didn’t even cross my mind that this wouldn’t. So I currently have it all set up, but no way for her to arm/disarm from her app, she can’t see the HMS sensors (she could see the v1 sensors) even though I shared them with her. Seeing that this “feature” is coming in a “future release” is really not comforting. To me, that’s a requirement, not a “feature” and I think they’re going to get a lot of pushback because of it. I honestly don’t even need the multiple PINs (though it would be nice).


I assume Wyze monitors these forums for suggestions.

Please add multiple users and multiple PINS for home monitoring


I cannot believe there is no way to set multiple PIN’s. I just installed my system, tested, and ready to use. Now need to setup access for Wife and Kids (who need separate PIN’s they can remember). Will that ability come soon?


Yes, Home monitoring multiple users and multiple PIN is a requirement.
Wyze team please work with your monitoring service company to enable this important capability.


Wow, I can’t believe multiple pins isn’t an option. Had I known that up front, I’m not sure I would have committed to a year of service. This can’t be that hard to implement, so why hasn’t it been done?

This is an ongoing issue for many Wyze products:

A new feature was recently added that enables me to share the system with another user. Still no option for a separate code though. Should be added in the future.

You should vote on the wish list item if you haven’t already.

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