Airbnb Integration for Wyze Lock

I am under the impression that the wyze lock is IFTTT compatible. There should be a way to automate this process integrating with your Airbnb account.

There is an action to unlock it, but nothing to add a temporary guest code. You have to program it through the mobile app.

I would love this as well.
I have used many different types of smart locks and I have found that the Wyze lock and keypad are the most suitable for Airbnb. It is simple to use but has all the smart features that makes things a lot easier. I have tried August but the battery doesnt last well. I have also tried Nest, Yale, Eufy, Schlage… they all have different kind of issues.

If Wyze can integrate with Airbnb, I think it will make Wyze lock the absolute go to smart lock for all the hosts.

I love the locks but am debating on replacing them for integration.

Wyze has the opportunity to own the market of over 1.6 Million short term rentals. I’ve just started with my first and have been looking for over a month for a lock and security system integrated with a Short-Term Rentals market place(a.k.a AirBnB, vacation rentals, STR, VRBO) or any of the property management systems/PMS (e.g. Guesty, OwnerRez, Hospitable, Hostaway, Lodgify, etc). Surprisingly, this doesn’t exist!! How hard would it be to provide the capability via API to allow a PMS to program a temporary door code, security system code, (and wifi !)? Wyze has all of that and just needs to tie it together and form some partnerships. Also, opening the door bolt via a programmed code should also disarm the security system. Maybe I’ll need to create a product to do this for them…huge opportunity for someone!

There are some manufacturers that are more short term rental aware like Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, and August. But, the majority of smart locks are programmed thru third party SaaS companies like RemoteLock, Operto, Jervis, Enso Connect, etc. There are rarely supported natively with PMS platforms. I am in the same dilemma as you sj3vans. I am considering replacing my Wyze Locks to better automate my operations even though I am satisfied with the reliability of the Wyze Locks and Keypads.

I also checked if I can program codes thru IFFTT or Zapier and I haven’t a lock that offers that action on those platforms.

Integration with Hospitable or AirBNB directly for smart locks

Need an integration for smart locks to Hospitable or AirBNB, VRBO, & directly.

Yale, Schlage, August and many others already have it.

Would just need ability to create temporarily smart lock codes automatically for guests stay duration.

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I am ok without direct integration with AirBnB. But what REALLY irks me is the design of the Wyze app that makes it tedious to add or delete access codes. It takes 4 clicks to worm your way down to that screen. It would be nice to have a link directly from the first screen for the lock, rather than having to find the tiny and awkwardly placed gear icon for settings then 3 more screens and then laboriously click 4 times back to the main screen and 4 times forward to save codes on another lock.