Manage and add guest code remotely with Wyze Lock not connected to the internet

Recently rented out a home. I was initially concerned that the Wyze smart lock would be completely out of commission as soon as I shut off internet service at the home which wasn’t the case. While physically at the home, I could connect to the lock using the Wyze app on my phone and even add guest access codes to the keypad. That all worked like a charm.

I want to add a guest access code remotely, knowing that the Wyze lock is not going to connect to wifi and the internet again while the home is rented. Has this worked for anyone?

I have shared the lock with the tenants. So it would be nice if the tenant could allow the lock to connect to their wifi without having to redo the setup of the lock (complete setup redo would defeat the whole purpose because the tenant would now be the originator/owner of the lock and, even if shared the lock, I would not have the ability to add guest codes). Connecting the lock to wifi benefits the tenant as well, because, as is, they can only manage the lock while home and not remotely as intended by a smart lock.

Alternatively, it would be super slick if I could create a guest access code remotely and have that covertly delivered to the lock via the local tenants who do have a physical (bluetooth/zigbee) connection to the lock and with whom I have shared the lock as the owner. :grin: :crossed_fingers:

After putting my thoughts down on paper (haha), the user should just be able to reconnect the lock to whatever wifi their phone has access to. The missing feature of remote access limits all users of the lock.

Without wifi/internet-free remote management of the Wyze lock, the only possibly acceptable option I can think of is to maintain my own internet service at the home and include it in the rental. Not the end of the world but I would prefer tenants manage and set up their own internet service! (I did think of going near the home and locally connecting to the lock myself but I’m not going to creepily stand outside the home while I wait to connect via bluetooth or zigbee not to mention the inconvenience of this “option”)

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Any smart device, Wyze lock included would need internet access for remote management. The internet is it’s line of communication to the outside world except for the short range Bluetooth. It would be the same as trying to call someone’s landline with the wires cut.

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You can…once they set up the internet, go there and re-add the lock to your account using their internet credentials. Y’all still have full control over it and it will be on their wi-fi.

If your phone has access to the internet there that means you had the password at least one time so you should hopefully know it and new able to use it to set up the lock

Right. So I want to be able to get the smart device connected again to the internet without having to bother the tenant. This was my first suggestion to Wyze.

They’re a tenant. I’m not supposed to bother them unnecessarily and it doesn’t feel appropriate to force them to share their wifi password with me, their landlord.

I’m trying to avoid setting up the lock all over again. The only way to connect the Wyze gateway and lock to internet is to go through the initial setup. I don’t live there to be able to do that nor do I have or want access to their wifi/internet.

Sounds like user initiated hot swap (if you want to call it that) wifi access for Wyze devices isn’t possible. Bummer!