How to reset watch?

Hello, does anyone know how to reset the watch when its not paired to a phone/account? I unpaired everything from my account because I moved, including things like my watch. I wanted to get a completely fresh start. Now I’m trying to add my watch back and it is saying “This watch is currently paired with another account”. It is telling me to hold the home button, and in the settings tab Reset. But there is no reset, only Restart and Shut Down. Even their own little animation that is supposedly to show you what to do only shows tapping cancel. So my watch appears to be useless, because I can’t factory reset it.

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I’m hoping you are looking for this on the 47 because I’m currently wearing that
I dont know how much pairing matters in this. but try these steps.

click settings gear on your watch . go to system control, you will find
factory reset

in that order :slight_smile: hope that helps.


Thank you for the reply, which screen on the watch (not in the app, it won’t connect to the watch) are you finding a settings gear? I can’t find settings on the watch itself.

If you are on the 47 watch, swipe right to left so the icons appear and then swipe bottom to top and the settings gear should be the very last one


@tomp took my answer ;).

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Gee, it would be nice if you could link to a manual :slight_smile:


I didn’t realize that screen was scrollable, thank you!


It’s something that has been brought up many many times. We have also all pitched ideas to have them in downloadable PDF format. If nothing else then we could at least put better screenshots up and show what needs to be done

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How would I go about making a request/bug report for this? Because in the app, it 100% shows an animation of holding the power button down on the watch, and just pressing the cancel button, when talking about a factory reset. A gif of what was described above would go a long way towards helping something as simple as this.

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I begged for a PDF manual like every other tech company but noooooo…

Did anyone have any trouble adding the watch back to the app after a reset?
I scan the QR code but the watch and phone won’t pair
This is how I started:

  • I factory reset the watch
  • I removed it as a device from the app
    Just to see if it would help:
  • I forced closed the wyze app
  • I logged out and back into the app
  • Switched to a 2.4 wifi connection on my phone
  • Rebooted the watch when I the app suggested it during pairing

Nothing seems to work. The watch is charged and so is my phone