Wyze Watch 47 Not Pairing (Paper Weight?)

The Watch is not pairing with my phone. When I try to manually pair, it does not show up on the list but my old Wyze Band does. I think it needs a factory reset but I can’t do that without being able to access the interface beyond this QR code that won’t go away.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the Wyze App on my android phone and no change.

The QR Code is displayed with a 4 digit number. Whether I scan or I attempt a manual pair, It does not work.

To Add, I have also restarted my phone, turned off bluetooth and back on. I can pair with other devices no problem including the Wyze Band.

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To reset your Wyze Watch press and hold the button on the side.

I agree, but how? If it isn’t connected to the phone, I can’t initiate a factory reset. Unless there is some way to do it directly on the watch that I am unaware of.

button reset is not factory, just restarts it.

You will need to scan the QR code. Then it should start pairing. If these steps do not work, I recommend contacting Wyze Support.

  1. Open the Wyze app, then tap + > Add Device > Wyze Watch (44 or 47) .
  2. The Wyze app may request permission for both Location services and the phone’s camera.
  3. Once granted, the app will activate the phone’s camera. Use this to scan the QR code that appears on the face of your Wyze Watch.
  4. Once scanned, tap OK on the watch to automatically pair the watch and the app.
  5. Select which wrist you’ll wear the watch on when prompted and tap Next .
  6. The app will display the user guide, which describes swiping through the Watch interface.
    Tap Skip on the top right to complete the setup process.

Unfortunately, the support team has not been helpful. I received a generic step for troubleshooting which was answered in my initial post to them in the ticket.

Sorry for your poor experience. If you will post the support ticket number, I will see if I can get a Wyze employee to take a look at it.

I wrote back again to see if I can get some momentum.

Ticket # 1124945

Thanks :smiley:

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Wyze Ticket # 1115566 for me, no response in 3+ days

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dmahlitz, are you having the same issue?

Similar issue, watch does not stay connected and I can’t really do anything with it.

Wow, we waited for months to get a device that we can’t use.

Mine won’t even turn on at set up… waiting on customer service as well.

What if my watch won’t even turn on during set up?

Have you tried charging it?

It’s been charging on the provided cord and a 5v 1A iPhone charger block for 2.5 hours. No luck still getting it to turn on.

Start a support ticket so Wyze can replace it.

I placed a support ticket #1128157.


Same problem here.

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At least I know I’m not alone, lol.