How to play video back?

I was able to play back videos in the past now I bought one of those new 1080p cameras and the pan (double stack) camera and I’m unable to play back motion video. It’s asking me to pay! I’m returning everything

Free 12 second cloud saved event videos went away a long time ago except for cameras that are compatible with Cam Plus Lite. If you do not have any of these cameras you could put an SD card in the cameras and set them to record continuous or just events and play it back from the card.

This was my thought, as well. Since the topic title is asking how to play recorded video (I think “play video back” implies that it’s recorded somewhere), I’d be curious about which cameras @vens is using and how the playback has been attempted.

I imagine that’s a Cam Pan v3 :cam_pan_v3:.

Is that the Cam OG :cam_og:? That and the Cam v3 :cam_v3: are what list at 1080p resolution in the Wyze Cam Comparison Chart:

All three of those cameras are capable of using microSD cards, and there’s a recent discussion on the topic of card choices:

@vens, if you could provide us with some detail about what you’re working with and exactly what you’re trying to do, then others here will be better able to answer your questions. Also, welcome to the forum!

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