Wyze Cam v3 continuous recording "no video at the selected time"

I’m new to Wyze and Cam Plus. Playback of continuous recording in my Cam v3 does not work.

I have a 32 GB microSD card in my Cam v3, formatted (by the camera) to FAT32. The card is full (28.19 of 29.47 GB), so it’s recording something.

When I try to view playback at a selected time (even only 10 minutes ago), I get the error message “No video at the selected time.” The only recordings I can see are events captured by Wyze’s servers.

Any suggestions?

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Are you trying to watch the uSD card recordings from the events viewer or by selecting the camera and selecting “View Playback”? The two are completely different and frequently miss-understood by new Wyze users.

I’m choosing Home > [camera] > View Playback, scrolling to a time, and pressing the play button.

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How long are you giving it to function?
I’ve one cam that takes almost 20 seconds before I can view playback.