How to check Asus Routers - Disable "Airtime Fairness"

For those who are experiencing connectivity or setup issues with Asus, please try disabling “Airtime Fairness”. We created a guide to help explain the steps.

Thanks to @Max for suggesting this in another post.


Would you recommend doing this for all routers, or just Asus. I have a TP-Link router and I have “Airtime Fairness” enabled on it. So far, I haven’t noticed any problems.

all routers, but only if you experience connectivity issue.

if not issue, no need to do it.

there are many factors involved, so not every router with airtime fairness will have issue, depending on their own network environment.


That’s great news! Thanks for the feedback. I’m sure others will benefit from it. :slightly_smiling_face:

FYI, Verizon FIOS implemented SON which sounds much like what you are describing, last week.
Essentially it combined bands via emulation, renames the ssid, absorbs 1 password and uses that on both bands & then assigns ips priority arbitrarily.

It was supposedly pushed out inactive - NOPE

Totally screwed up my house for days, coincided with adding EOPwWifi extenders/adapters.
So check your routers folks, a lot of phone home sw pushing is happening.


Why did the guide disappear?

It still exists. They updated the support site a few months ago and a few things got broken in the process. Looks like this link didn’t get updated. Anyway, here’s the correct link:

@CaptainMark or @moderators – One of you may want to edit the original post to update the URL.


I’ve updated the link at the top. Thanks for the heads up.


I’ve just resolved my connectivity issue today after disabling “Airtime Fairness” on my Asus router.

I opened a ticket complaining connectivity issue (Device is offline, error code -90). @WyzeDongsheng you’d better make this solution known to all member of support team. I ended up getting a replacement Wyze Cam V2 which showed the same issue. I eventually found this thread and solved the issue. If your support team all knew this solution, you wouldn’t have to send me the replacement device.

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So the equivalent to Verizon SON backend driven frequency &
bandwidth distribution.
Anyone seeing a sudden connectivity problem should check to see if
either their router or internet provider (or worse both) has
pushed out a hot fix of such idiocracy breaking what worked fine.

Who else has the like, and what is it named, that we all should be
on the look out for?

Enterprise networking w single SSID configuration & allocation works fine residentially when chosen by someone who
knows how to implement from the get go.
But forced residential usage, pushed out active, without alerting
or educating end users that it will be implemented, what the
capabilities are, or thought of how to manage it is thoughtless.

Glad you have your resolved, spread the word!

I have a pan cam outside ands it’s worked fine in the rain and below freezing temperatures. I have this case on it, works fine. MOFAD Wyze Cam Pan Wall Mount,…

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What if your router doesn’t have airtime fairness??? I’m experiencing connectivity issues as described here using a Pace 5268AC modem/router (Uverse). Maybe they call “airtime fairness” something else??? Thanks for any suggestions.

Uverse may have a different name for it, but you can try QoS (Quality of Service), traffic shaping, or bandwidth management. Otherwise, it’s gonna under some weird name (like Verizon’s SON).

my Asus RT-ACRH13 has airtime fairness Disabled by default

This is a great thread. I have a ASUS router and I did exactly what was suggested.

Which ASUS Router do you have?

ZenWiFi ET8

Has that same option.

Does this have to do with the asus wireless. I have an Asus router but I am not using the wifi on it. I am using 2 other access points for wifi. Is this a routing function of the asus router or does this only have to do with the wifi that is built into the asus router.?

I believe you should be ok then