ONVIF Protocol

ONVIF is a must.

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Down below you see Suggested Topics. The first is ONVIF Compliant. Did WYZE notice the number of views? It’s 3.9k !!!

Why are we fooling around with this? If WYZE doesn’t want to do it, try something else.


ONVIF support is the single most useful thing Wyze could do to open up their devices for use on just about every other device imaginable. ONVIF is a universal protocol for IP cameras. It blows my mind that this wasn’t one of the first things they did in development.


RTSP is not the same as ONVIF. Not even close.


Can you elaborate on your fix?

Sorry it took so long to reply. This is what I did to fix most of my connectivity problems with my Asus router, RTSP and Blue Iris. I still get drop outs, and have to reset Wyze cam using the Wyze app, in order for it to work on BI. But it is much more stable now. Having to reset the Wyze Cams with the app, is the only reason I have them connected to the internet. Otherwise they work fine without being connected.

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Just a thought but trying to break into the home security and monitoring space this feature would greatly expand the usability and desirability of the camera products.

With features that support the integration with existing NVR’s, other systems and software Blue Iris for example the market would only get larger. Sure you have to find a way to monetize the product but adding ONVIF would not significantly cut into that profit center. Sure a few power users would use their own equipment but their word of mouth to those who are not interesting in that level of system would more than make up for the loss of their subscription. Just think about the math, so I use my NVR but tell the 4 family members they can have a whole system for what it costs for a Nest or Ring or Arlo etc. and they’ll use this system any day. They might not get every subscription but by being more accessible the brand only grows and grows.

With a legit bridge that works with the sensors to get into the home automation space this brand would be killing it.

Thus far I think the company has hit the mark on trying to create a product that is simple, easy to use and at an awesome price point. The cameras will be stocking stuffers this year for sure.

What you waiting for?..


Need onvif so that network video recorder can control wyze ptz.

I like the wyze pan cam but need ptz support on third party apps.

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Since this post wyze sent a new sense kit and the bridge works (as expected) which makes this an extremely good value proposition! Cheers to Wyze for responding

I would love to see this support come as well!

Add me to the list

It’s happened to me so many times in my career I can’t even count.

The company wants something new in the software. I tell them that there is an existing standard that we should comply with, so people can use it for other things.

They tell me “we don’t want to conform to the standard, we want to create a new standard that everyone else should conform to.”


Please add support to ONVIF so I can use these cameras with Domotz Pro.

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add me to the list , i relly need onvif

This and RTSP and simply must haves. Having ONVIF would enable me to integrate this with my QNAP NAS apps with ease.

Please implement this asap.


Please add Full Blue Iris compatibility …

At a minimum , Please add ONVIF Compatibility to your devices … Doing so , I am sure you will sell a few more units for those of us who use Blue Iris and other NVR systems !

Thank you !

Absolutely focus more on ONVIF instead of proprietary interface. So using the excuse that you can’t support it fully, only intermittently because of workload/staff. ONVIF is industry standard and is a feature rich list of SOA contracts using WSDL or REST. Also, ONVIF is primetime for PTZ cameras which is what your PanCam is, although I don’t know why you avoid using PTZ in all of your documentation. Don’t be like the Apple of old and often still. Our way out the highway, we defy industry standards because we know best.

I have the new PanCam ONVIF is industry standard as well as RTSP (although HTTPS has it’s merits) especially for PTZ cams. and you claim you don’t have the resources to support ONVIF and the IPC protocol that Blue Iris has already accommodated for comparability reign, but for only one of your cameras. By supporting what appears to be a proprietary protocol that my high end router can connect to but can’t query for a device name you are acting like Apple of old- and still does to some extent. Our way or the highway, look how well that went for them for decades in computer and peripheral sales. Please provide full support for the ONVIF services. It is a standard SOA WSDL/SOAP set of service contracts. REST is for blob data, not fine grained service calls.