Bulbs turn on by themselves

Yes, my main network is 192.168.0.x and I put the bulbs on a router behind that giving DHCP addresses in the 192.168.1.x range. Both routers have a subnet of which means they don’t route between each other. So, for example, I can’t access the router while I’m connected to my main network ( router). But everything on 192.168.1.x still has internet access.

Keep in mind, double NAT wasn’t what fixed the issue for me. This was just my way of keeping my bulbs on my old router since they only started misbehaving when I got a new router. I could have just ditched the new router and kept the old one in the very normal single network 192.168.0.x configuration and everything would have been perfectly fine, as it had been for some months.

Everything has worked without so much as a hiccup since I moved the bulbs back on my old router so in my case it is 100% a networking problem between Wyze bulbs and my new router. The router works perfectly fine with everything else on my network, which includes dozens of other smart home devices, so there you go.

I’ll start out with this. Please read all of it. Yes, power can be the issue. Older light bulbs could have forced the center contact in the bulb socket down too far. All the LED bulbs do not get solder at the base like the old ones. Turn the power off and verify it is off. Then gently pull up on that center contact. Re-install your bulb and see if that stops. It’s one of the number one reasons I get customers who have LED’s that burn out quickly in a fixture or that they don’t work at all. If the bulb thinks power went out, it will default to on when power returns. It would be nice to have the option to have the bulb return to it’s previous state if it looses power and then reconnects. I know there could be more to this. After finally finishing the thread, I see there is. It’s just one of the issues we can have with all the electronics we have today. Each person’s issue might sound the same but need different resolutions because there are many different causes. Patience and awareness can help all of figure this stuff out.

Did you turn off mobile data on your phone while setting them up? I missed this step the first couple of times and got the connection time out.


Dual router is the way to go anyway. You want all your IOT things on a separate router now (even the FBI recommends it LOL). I don’t have a single IOT item on my main router anymore. I switched over 2 weeks ago and everything works great. Now I have my main network with only Computer/phones/NAS/projector. Everything else including the smart TV, cameras, 20+ switches and outlet modules and 15 light bulbs(only one with Wyze firmware) is on the other router. I cascaded the IOT router from the main router. I have a PF Sense firewall appliance between the main router and the ONT.

Now when I do a shodan search I see nothing on my public IP as being seen from outside.

thanks for the replies. yes, mobile data was off. no service out here so it is always off to save battery power (it really drains it when it can’t get a good signal).

my double-nat is the result of my isp’s setup not my router config. the wan ip address they assign to me is a private (192.168.x.x) address so i am behind a nat from the get-go. haven’t found any mention of such anywhere in this forum.

I’m probably late to the game, but I had this problem and tried everything mentioned in this community forum - everything failed over weeks so I finally looked in support and found that it suggested if I had a ASUS router to disable Airtime Fairness – well, it worked in my case. In the last 36 hours my bulb has sat compliantly off. I feel a bit sheepish that I relied only on the forum and not support docs.

Please don’t hammer me with comments - if this is old news to the community monitoring this. I didn’t see any mention of any solution since the previous posts to this.

Original article https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034282111-Bulb-turns-on-randomly

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i think all the bulbs do that when power is restored from an outage or a glitch. at least my lifx bulbs do that too and its super annoying especially when i have a LOT of bulbs and the power glitches at like 2am

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It’s probably true that bulbs occasionally coming on could be due to a power outage for some people but there’s definitely more than just that going on for others. My 4 bulbs are in 2 fixtures that take 2 bulbs each and when it was happening one bulb would spontaneously turn on and not the other, every time. If I left it on then later in the day or on the next day the other would turn on too. And I can make the problem happen or not happen by switching routers.

Really disappointed! My lights just turn on alone and all the time!

Hello @joune and welcome to the community.

What firmware are you running in your bulb, if you aren’t running already, try upgrading to that, there were some fixes in that firmware and hopefully it resolves your issue.

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*** UPDATE ***
Since I was the original poster I thought I should add this update. My original post was back in July of 2019. I tried many things, even new firmware. They never worked right and would come on randomly multiple times of the day and night. I put them away and kind of wrote them off. About a month ago I took one out (looking for something else! HA! ) and started messing with it. i saw there was a new firmware update of I loaded it on all of the bulbs and set the power recovery to Maintain Previous State. I am surprised and happy to say they work! Its been a month and they all work great now! It sure took a while but they now work reliably and they way I thought they would when I was an early adopter of these. Finally they are back to being a good bang for your buck. Previously I thought they were paperweights. Anyway… try upgrading to it has worked for me in all of mine!


Glad to hear it! Now I kind of wish I hadn’t flashed mine with other firmware…

Thank you for updating everyone.

I have 4 bulbs when they came out, tested a couple but then didn’t really use them. Now I start using one as a staircase nightlight, and see the same random on problem! It basically would turn on by itself every minute or so! It’s already on latest firmware Anyone still having the same issue?

WiFi Signal Strength is showing 3 bars.

I gave up and tossed the bulbs. I admire Waze’s ambitions and didn’t mind wasting a few bucks.

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I had this problem and I have an ASUS router. I followed the directions to disable “Airtime Fairness” and the problem went away for ever - check out my earlier reply. I can’t guarantee success but it it’s applicable to your situation it’s worth a try. Good luck Bulbs turn on by themselves - #146 by mwjroberts

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I am experiencing the same issue with the bulbs. They turn on and off by themselves. They are on the latest firmware. This has been going on for the past 2 weeks already. I have a Google Home linked up and Amazon Alexa linked up. I also have IFTTT linked up. IFTTT doesn’t show any triggers. I removed Amazon since I don’t use them anyway. I erased all my Google routines.
Nothing. I even took a look at my Wyze rules, and nothing is triggering the devices.
Is there a log I can take a look at to see who or what is turning them off?
I am the only one with the access anyway.

Never mind, I didn’t look thoroughly in the Wyze app. The bulbs had the vacation mode set. I put that up 4 weeks ago, and forgot to unset it when I returned two weeks ago.

I am having the same issue. It’s driving us nuts. Only one of the four bulbs fortunately.

I have Ubiquity AP’s as well, AC Pro’s, no other wireless access points or routers. My router is also Ubiquity, and still some bulbs would constantly come on within minutes of turning them off. So Ubiquity isn’t the saving grace.