How Much Longer Warranty Replacement Air Purifier?

How much longer do I have to wait before I get my warranty replacement air purifier? It’s been months already.

What has support told you about this when you ask them about the ETA?

Do you have support ticket number(s) for this warranty replacement? If you post the support ticket number(s) regarding the warranty replacement, we can probably have someone look into it on your behalf.

My guess is that it will be the end of September or early October when I am hearing they expect a new shipment to arrive. But I don’t speak for or work for Wyze, I am going based on what I have heard general expectations to be.


They’ve not given me an ETA and why I posted here. They never gave me a support ticket number, I just have the order number which doesn’t show anything as it doesn’t seem to be valid until it actually ships. It was placed in May and kind of ridiculous if it takes until October, I’m regretting this purchase more and more.

Every interaction with support will generate a support ticket number. Mine have pretty much always been emailed to me.

Maybe search your email with “Wyze Ticket” in quotation marks and see if it pulls up your ticket number anywhere. It looks something like this in the subject line for most of mine:

[Wyze Ticket 9999999]

And then it will either say something like “We’re working on your request [summary]” or “Re: [subject]” or something like that right afterward.

If you don’t have any Wyze ticket numbers, then it is hard for anyone to look into your issue and answer what’s going on with a warranty replacement or if a warranty replacement was ever filed for you. Maybe there was a misunderstanding or something. For example, someone could have believed a firmware update being released that week was about fix your device, or something like that, while you thought they were sending you a new device. It is hard to know without looking at the support ticket number.

If you don’t have a support ticket number and you still don’t have a warranty as you expected, I would contact support again and ask them to look into it and this time ask them for the support ticket number before you get off the phone or chat or end your email conversation or whatever. Then report back what you were told and list the support ticket number. Then if things aren’t being resolved appropriately by tier 1 support, we can have someone look into what’s going on. But without a support ticket number, nobody can look up or answer any of your questions about any of this. You will need to contact support and ask them…then ask for a support ticket number. --If the support response it doesn’t make sense someone can look into it a little deeper. I’ve never had a situation that support couldn’t reasonably handle, so those issues should be pretty rare, but there are ways to look into them when they happen…but only if you find or get a support ticket number.


FYI, the sooner you do the above, the better. I have just heard that a new shipment of Air Purifiers are due by September 6th.

It may be a good time to contact support and check on your warranty replacement status, get a support ticket number this time so it can be followed up on, and if there is a problem we can escalate it to have it overseen and ensure there wasn’t just a misunderstanding of what was being done.


Air Purifier is back in stock today. If you haven’t called Support for a status and ticket number yet, you may wish to expedite.


I just called Wyze yesterday and after being on hold for 5 minutes they said they weren’t back in stock, then I get an email today saying they are back in stock. So I check my warranty replacement order and it still hasn’t shipped. This has got to be the most incompetent company on the planet!

I have no doubt Wyze will prioritize new sales of Air Purifiers over warranty replacements for the revenue. So then I have to wonder how much longer do I have to wait for my replacement and what good is a warranty if the company takes forever to honor it. And by the time I get the replacement there won’t be much time to use it with my remaining warranty period, to see if it won’t actually break again.

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I believe they weren’t back in stock during business hours yesterday when you would’ve called. I saw them show up as in stock late last night like 1:30am this morning. So I would do as Seapup suggested and ask them about it now that they are in stock. Have the Order number ready for them, and get a support ticket number this time in case we need to have someone check on it for you.


Also, here’s a survey where you can give your feedback about the Air Purifier:

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Still no progress on my warranty replacement. Someone is supposed to email me at some point soon, hopefully. This time I got a support ticket # 2352316. Tracking still shows no movement. And I doubt I’ll back from Wyze today.

Oh and see that Wyze is still falsely advertising what the Air Purifier App does on the graph page. It’s showing a dot on the graph every hour, and Wyze already said it was never originally designed to do that and have just recently been trying to make it do that.


Nothing from Wyze today either and still no movement on Fed Ex for my replacement Air Purifier.

What’s the point of calling Wyze if the service rep can’t fix anything and just refers me to another department, that doesn’t contact me?! I’m so frustrated with this company!!!

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I worked in the Customer Service field in my early 20’s. This is pretty normal procedure for customer service in general (not speaking exclusively about Wyze).

In this case, Tier 1 handles the overwhelming majority of stuff without needing any other department. For something abnormal that they may not have the expertise or access to, they have to submit to a tier 2. In this case, Tier 2 gets the ticket, looks into it and usually contacts back within a week, often A LOT sooner depending on the situation. We need to give tier 2 enough time to respond/fix-it before we escalate your situation though.

Give tier 2 enough time?! I’ve given them since May, is that enough time? I should not have had to contact Wyze so frequently about this, they could have had the courtesy to contact me when the Air Purifiers were out of stock and then when they came back in stock.

Oh and Wyze is still falsely advertising the Air Purifier App, showing dots every hour on the graph page. Let me check mine right now…yeah, no dots at all.

Two things Wyze really sucks at, software and customer service. And that will be their demise.

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Looks like Wyze submitted my replacement order, with a new order number and no tracking information. And still not contact from Wyze.

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I too get that , they’ll give me tracking numbers sometimes but they never show me the tracking info or they’ll not even give me a tracking number

But hey at least you get your replacement soon

My replacement air purifier arrived today. Woo Hoo!