Waiting for reply on dead thermostat > 1 week

I know the auto-reply says to expect longer reply times so that may just be it - but not having ever had to RMA a wyze device (the rest just work :slight_smile: I’m not sure :slight_smile:

Ive been waiting on a reply on replacing my thermostat which sparked, smoked and died 8 days ago.

Fortunately i had an old non-smart thermostat i wired back in - so it’s definitely not the end of the world but I’ve followed up a few times without any feedback. Is an email case the right way to handle a warranty exchange?

I’ve been waiting for 10 days now for a replacement for my defective doorbell. It keeps rebooting over and over and the Wyze tech support is clueless and keep wanting me to try things that are pointless.

@KenJohnson and @dbcaudill you should both try calling support, sometimes you’ll get a faster response there. Make sure to mention your current ticket. Let me know how it goes!
(206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

I called this evening and finally got through. After 20 minutes or so I was finally able to convince them that there is nothing wrong with my network or my power and they are sending a replacement. However, after I hung up I realized that they never got my shipping address or order number so I’m not sure how they know where to send it to. And I never received the confirmation email they said they were going to send me.

Have you tried calling support as @brlepage mentioned?

When you talked to them did they give you a ticket number?

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