Thermostat RMA Status

At the end of March my thermostat popped, smoked and gave up on life :-). I contacted Wyze support and got lost in the email support process - a week or so later i called and they indicated the ticket had gotten a bit lost in the shuffle - somewhat understandable. They indicated they’d send out a replacement.

I called back today to check on the status of the RMA and they dug into it a bit and finally indicated it was out of stock so they’d send a new one when they had one - that made sense so i hung up.

But while ordering some more cam 3’s - I notice the website (which is usually accurate on such things) indicates thermostats are in stock. I didn’t want to call back because i had to wait a while to get a rep but I’m wondering if i need to check on something else that might be causing my RMA not to ship. Does anyone know if thermostats are actually in stock (ie has ordered and received one recently?) My assumption is the website is probably inaccurate but that hasn’t normally been my experience.

Looking forward to having the thermostat working again soon hopefully :slight_smile:

The website is usually accurate with product availability. The Wyze app also shows that it’s in stock. I would suggest calling support again and asking about it. Make sure to mention your previous tick number and the website status.