How many people is logged into my account?

An important and necessary security feature of seeing how many people is logged into your account is foolishly missing from WYZE. This backwardness is enough to make me unsubscribe and switch over to other security services. We need this feature urgently WYZE.


??? How are they logged into your account, did you share the log in user name and password information with them? or share the cams.

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There is a wishlist item for this capability. Take a look and give it a vote.


Thank you, just voted.


Best practices:

Change your password and enable 2 Factor Authentication. This will force out everyone who is already logged in.

Check the Account Tab and Sharing feature to make sure you don’t have the cams shared to another account. If you do, UNSHARE the devices so they lose acces.

If you still fear someone else is logged in to your account or accessing your devices, email and they can look for anything suspicious.


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There is also another Wishlist topic that may be of interest to you. It is asking for the ability to view the account login history by device and to be notified whenever another device logs into your account.