How Loud (Really) is The Air Purifier

Hey so weird question.

I live in the city. I also gave a dog. Said dog likes to bark when someone clears their throat 4 states away…

Right now I have several white noise machines. Since I live in the city (and have pets) I’ve also been looking into getting an air purifier.

I’d like to sort of combine my white noise and air purifier uses into one… But all of the air purifier adds focus on how quiet they are.

I know I’m the odd man out, but can I crank the wyze purifier up and get a good white noise going?

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Yes, on Turbo speed it works pretty well for white noise.

We always play “white noise” at night for my toddler to go to sleep to (usually through the google speaker in her room). A couple of times I set the air purifier in her room to “Turbo” and it worked pretty well too. There was plenty of white noise on turbo mode (the 4th and highest speed setting).

The main reasons I don’t always use that instead of the google speaker:

  1. The LED Display is blasting too much light if it is not in sleep mode (which puts it on the lowest setting, which is indeed really quiet). So it’s not terrible for naps in the daytime, but it is too distracting at night when I want it to be dark.
  2. I am not sure how long the manual settings stay on for or if they are timed to turn off eventually. I do know for sure that the Google white noise will stay on for 12 hours…which is a pretty good amount of time for our toddler.
    • If manual settings do run indefinitely until changed, I am not sure I want to wear out the filter that fast.

Has anyone checked how long the manual settings stay set for? Are they indefinite?

You could also always set up schedules of when you want it on turbo for white noise vs sleep mode, vs any other mode. I do wish Wyze would allow us to shut off the display on the higher modes though, then I’d probably use it more often as white noise at night.

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I would say White Noise, Yes… Note these are point in time captures, but stayed in the range.
And I manually set the fan speed level for these pics. When the purifier is on Auto, the lower the AQI the lower the fan speed, the higher the AQI and the Fan ramps up.
Off, ambient noise






Awesome- thank you!

The low speed seems to be around where I pegged my current white noise machine, so I think it would be a good fit.