Air Purifier Slow Shipping

Wyze sent off my Air Purifier plus an additional filter over a week ago and it’s still not here, it’s been stuck in transit for the longest time. I would have thought the shipping would be much faster consider the hefty shipping cost they charged. When I ordered their gun safe it arrived in two days.

I’m guessing it was shipped with FedEx Smartpost (so FedEx, USPS partnership) in this case if you’ve had long shipping issues. I hate FedEx Smart Post for situations like that, though there isn’t a lot that can be done about it besides wait. I’ve tried. FedEx smart post messes up my deliveries a lot, especially at my previous house.

Wyze sometimes also uses Amazon shipping (which delivers really fast and reliably in my experience), and sometimes UPS too (they have their own issues, but seem to be a little less than FedEx Smart Post.

Shipping is a really struggling industry at the moment, I hope your stuff arrives safely still. I got my air purifiers last week, but my extra filter is still in transit and way delayed, but I know Wyze did their part for it, I’m just waiting for FedEx to get around to finishing the job.

Today FedEx finally delivered my Wyze Air Purifier. Took long enough and the driver didn’t even put it on my front porch, it was placed just before my porch on the walkway. Talk about lazy! And since Wyze shipped it in it’s product box and not inside another box, anyone walking by could see what it was. I’m so lucky a porch pirate didn’t steal it! But seriously Wyze what were you thinking?!

Anyway, about this product it’s interesting. The low setting is very quiet and the app provides a lot of data. But I need more information than what’s in the quick guide about this device. For instance what all the settings do. like the “Return to Clean Air” toggle? And how often does the Indoor AQI update? And what type of laser does this thing use, obviously it’s not using a visible red laser and it’s only projecting out the back port/ports?

One other question…on the fan’s lowest setting I’m hearing bearing noise of the fan. Is that normal? I have an AC Infinity fan I use to cool TV electronics which appears to be the same size as what’s in the air purifier and there is no bearing sound, only moving air noise.

When you leave home, it will watch for when you are close to returning home and turn the air purifier up to make sure when you enter the air has fewer particulates.

According the Product Manager:

The AQI history will take some time to show up from the moment you turned on your device (about 1 dot per hour)

You are correct, the AQI data transfer rate is not precisely once per hour. It’s depending on your indoor air quality. The dot should display more closely to each other (data transfer more frequently) when your indoor quality is in the intermediate or unhealthy range so that you can be informed in a more timely manner.

This is really all that’s been said about the laser:

I ran some searches on how this works, and they discuss things these particle sensors typically use, though I didn’t see anything that gave me any details about “laser type” for any of them, so it seems like it’s not common for anyone to explain that. I’m sure this product was tested and approved by the FCC, but it appears to have been done through Wyze’s ODM partner for this project because I could not find it listed under Wyze specifically. So I don’t think we’ll get any info on the exact details of the laser other than that it got approval for sale in the USA. But yes, it is invisible and it analyzes out the back, so don’t pin it up solidly against a wall.

Okay so I’ve had it running for 4 hours now and only have one dot on the indoor AQI history graph. And that dot showed up probably when I first set the purifier up.

But what about the fan bearing noise? To me it seems excessive and really should be whisper quiet.

I’ve noticed I often don’t get a dot when the AQI is extremely low, like under 20 for most of the hour. It seems that it only puts a dot when the AQI is both high enough to warrant one and there is significant activity from the air purifier. That is just from what I have noticed.

I don’t understand or know anything about the fan-bearing noise, so I didn’t answer that one because I don’t feel competent to answer that.

Can you hear your fans bearing noise on your unit?

To me it sounds like any other fan I’ve ever used. The higher the speed the louder it sounds, etc…and all of them I’ve ever used make similar noise, I am not sure how to differentiate between what is the mechanical sound vs the air pressure sound or any of that. I have never tried to understand any of that before, I just took all fan noises as fan noises, and never paid attention to what kind of noise is what, it all just blends together to me as noise I’m used to hearing from a fan. I am sure someone else can help chime in if they can tell a difference though, that’s why I left that question to others because I don’t feel like I can help much with it.

Small fans that use metal ball bearings always sound louder. It’s like a metallic grinding sound and wind sounds nothing like it.