How do I get my money back on monitoring service?

I purchased a Wyze system + monitoring, but waited weeks and never received a notification about shipping. Called to cancel and they said one item was out of stock but could not tell me which. I cancelled the order and placed it again with fewer components. Still nothing. Cancelled that, too. Lesson learned.

Money has been refunded for the products, but not for the home monitoring, which I obviously can’t use because I never received the products. Customer service chat is like a circle of hell.

Any ideas on how I can my money back on the monitoring service? What a nightmare company this is!

@zia, welcome to the community!

I suggest you contact customer support directly by phone.

If you go thru the Website store and cancel your subscription, you will ONLY get a refund for the prorated amount from the date of cancel to the end of the subscription period.

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