No Annual Home Monitoring Refund on Sameday Cancelled - Wanted Cam Plus Instead

On the Canadian Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale this week on Friday 17-Nov-2023

I purchased the Annual Home Monitoring Service - $126.99 with Free OG Camera online through their webpage on my Credit Card

I actually wanted the Annual Cam Plus Service - $134.99 with Free OG Camera
for my Eight Cameras, but added the wrong item in My Cart and purchased it

After seeing the error I made, I reached out to the Online Customer Service - Kenneth G (Wyze Ticket 3469342) the same day I purchased the service and ask them to switch to the Cam Plus Offer instead. They told me to Cancel the service and continue support through email and ask for a refund

Today, Sat. 18-Nov-2023 on 12:332 PST, the Customer Service Rep, Tanvi, told me on the Same Ticket (Wyze Ticket 3469342) Email that Subscriptions for Wyze Services are non-refundable.

I don’t have a hub and cannot even use the service, what kind of scam is this??
Now the Free OG Cam showed up 1 day later even though I asked to cancel and for a refund?

Too make this easy, I want to switch to the Cam Plus Annual service and Pay the difference of ($134.99 - $126.99) $8.00 CAD plus taxes to get it or just cancel this all together and get a full refund like I asked?

On the Home Monitor Service Wyze Canadian Web Page

This service is supposed to include free benefits of Cam Plus Bonus Plan, Sprinkler Plus Bonus Plan - do I even get this?

also says on the support page

For Wyze Home Monitoring Service annual plan users: If you cancel your annual plan within 30 days after delivery, you must return your Core Starter Kit hardware to get a refund.

I don’t even have a kit - how do I get a refund??

This is the worst customer service from a company I ever experinced

If this is not recitified, I will contact th Better Business Bureau and report Wyze Canada to them of such mal practices

I will also go on all social media platforms and share this experince so that others can see the customer serivce and support that Wyze provides

I hope somebody can help me her with this?

I have requested that Customer Support review your support ticket.


I have the same problem, bought 2 wyze pan cams and cables and accidentally subscribed to Home Monitor subscription. I immediately cancelled and later in the app a pop up asked why did you cancel.

From what I’m reading it’s an annual plan, and no refunds so even if I cancel I’ll still be billed for the year for two subscriptions. I haven’t received the items but want to cancel. Am I stuck with the payment?
These were bought on Cyber thanksgiving weekend.

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @Wyzer1! :raising_hand_man:

Have you contacted Customer Support, explained your issue, and asked for them to refund and cancel the subscriptions?

If so, do you have a ticket # that can be referenced?

No, I will open a ticket. Thank you

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Please post back the ticket # here with the response they give you. If you don’t get resolution, I may be able to tag in some heavy hitters at Wyze to take a look. Good Luck!