How can this door tell me if it's locked or unlocked?

Once again last night I left the basement door unlocked. This happens too often. It’s the door out to the garage, the cars (parked in the driveway, never in the garage!), the side yard…if I’m doing yard work, etc., all too often I reenter the house through another door. Whatever the reason, I all too frequently forget to check that door. Is there any way to use my Wyze sensors to help me automate / improve this situation? Short of buying a new lock for the door, that is. I have read or seen a number of ingenious hacks to use Wyze sensors with some kinds of deadbolts, but the lock on this door is built into the doorknob itself: the kind where you turn a lever on the end of the doorknob to lock or unlock it. I haven’t put a sensor on the door itself because that’s not the problem – I never leave the door open, just closed and unlocked! It’s a metal door and I guess it would be difficult, but not impossible, to add a keyed deadbolt that I could (perhaps) hack to activate a Wyze sensor. But if I’m going to that length, I might as well install an electronic lock on the door, which I’d prefer not to do. Can anyone think of any other solutions here? Thanks for your ideas/suggestions.

Since the only indication that the lock is engaged is the position of the lever that’s what you would need to be able to determine.

To be honest I can’t think of any way for you to accomplish that reliably that does not involve extensive modifications.

I would take a look at something like this:

Thanks. I don’t think I want to put that kind of money into this project, though. Maybe as a stopgap measure I will put a Wyze motion sensor “looking” at this door, so I’ll at least be alerted when/if it’s opened.

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Possibly you could place a camera such that it can view the lock lever?

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Hello People.
This post may be a solution to your situation. Check out:

My Wyze Smart-ish Lock Another Approach II

Victor Maletic.

This is an in genius solution! Except that I doubt my wife would approve (for cosmetic reasons). I spent a fair amount of time looking through online photos of locking entry door knob sets, but they seldom display the inside knob, so it’s hard to find one with a really large twisting lever.

Hello Bammerman.
Thinking about the cosmetic comment, perhaps placing the magnet on the opposite side of the extension arm and paining the arm a less contrasting color would help. See the photo below.

SDBS 3M ed

Another way to sense the state of the lock would be to checkout the last picture of:
My Wyze Smart-ish Lock Another Approach II
The only thing seen in this application is the modified contact sensor sending unit placed against the wall.

Another approach is to install a Wyze Lock. It can be checked out at the Wyze website.

Victor Maletic.