Ideas: Contact sensor that shows locked ( Not open or close) status of the door

I am looking for ideas that others might have used contact sensors to show the locked status of the door.
Example: I always close the doors but I don’t always lock them. I tried putting two sensors on the door, one on the top of the door that will trigger when the door opens, I placed the other one the lock itself so that when the latch is locked the sensor closes hence showing locked or unlocked. However, it is very clunky. I’d like to see if anybody has come up with anything creative to identify the locked status of the door.


You could possibly expand the hole where the deadbolt goes into the door. Drill the hole out deeper enough to (hide) the sensors inside the wall yet possibly be removable and replaceable later. If that makes sense. Then attach the magnets for the sensor on the end of the deadbolt. Just an idea. Youd need to hack apart some of the components. But it could work. Or just wait for a smart lock. Or purchase one now from another company. Kinda options limited.

Your idea would certainly work, but I would imagine most folks would not attempt the customization needed to make it work.

Simply replacing the bulky magnet that comes with the sensor with a small round magnet increases flexibility in how they can be used. Also, if the sensor has a wired extension that would also increase possibilities in how they can be used. Currently the shape of the sensor is somewhat limits the use of the contact sensor to door and flat surfaces.

Unfortunately even though it limits it. Thats exactly what it was designed for. It was just not really designed for things like telling if the door was locked or unlocked. I hope my ideas helped at least.

Theres also this post here…

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Ah perfect!! Thanks for sharing. I will have to try this out!

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@nedar1 @Urbnized Didn’t come across this until now, but I’ve done exactly this. Works great. Check it out if you’re interested.

Hello, new here, and not technically savvy. Not sure if this is the same issue you already addressed above, but I am looking for a wireless transmitter (I think) for a lock status sensor for my marvin door that came equipped with a built in sensor. They provide the NO/NC magnetic contacts and pigtails for hardwired connections. They also have cavities milled into the doors/windows to accept a wireless transmitter (3.6x1.1x1.6 ) which they do not supply. Any idea what wireless transmitter you could use? ( that could also distinguish closed from locked and close ) I want to be able to use it independently on (without a control alarm/ home automated panel). Here is a link to the door I have:
[Window And Door Design Options | Marvin ]

In the attached video, Troubleshooting The Lock Status Sensor On A Marvin Door And How They Work - YouTube they are using a IQ Mini DW Extended (part no. QS1137-840) , (The sensor provides the Aux input needed for the wire) but can only work with
an IQ panel2 and IQ panel 2+ (319.5MHz). I am looking for a simple solution where the info can be sent directly to an app on my phone. Hopefully to the WYZE app ?

Hello nedar1
I just came across your post. You may be interested in looking at ‘My Wyze Smart-ish Lock’ and ‘My Wyze Smart-ish Lock Another Approach’ posts.