Getting Alerts of the door lock status using Wyze Sense

I’ve initially shared this in the Wyze Core FB Group.

This is sort of an in-between hack between having a conventional ‘dumb’ lock and a smart lock. In other words, it is not meant to be a replacement for smart locks. The feature nearly provides a feedback on the door lock’s status.

Have you ever been in a situation that you’re already lying in bed and you can’t remember if you’ve locked the front door or not? I have. Most of the time, I have to walk back to the door only to see that it’s been indeed locked (by me or a family member).

This is how I removed the guesswork and all I needed was a Wyze Sense door sensor and some small magnets I bought in bulk online. I can just check the Wyze app for the realtime status or even use it to trigger an event using IFTTT.

DISCLAIMER: This will not work on all doors or deadlocks. The issue here is that the magnet must be strong enough and/or near enough, as well as aligned with the sensor (when latched), for it to work. It will also likely not work on metal door jambs as they create a shield that blocks off the magnetic field. That said, your mileage will vary.

Tiny 3mm x 1mm magnets

The magnets fits inside the notch at the center of many deadlock plungers. I have two of them stacked up to increase reach

The sensor has to be mounted wall-side out to align the internal reed switch to where the magnet is

Bonus feature… notifications:



That is so awesome!!! Glad you posted here. Love the watch notifications!


Nice . . . is that a Pebble? :slight_smile:

Props for rocking a Pebble in 2019. Got three of them that went into a box not long after I transitioned to a Samsung Gear S3 and an Apple Watch 4. Memories…

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Yepp. It’s a Pebble. It’s a timeless piece and can still hold its own for the stuff I need.


This is awesome! I plan on doing this to a few locks in my house.

do you use your own (purchased) magnet to replace the smaller piece of contact sensor?

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Yes. They’re available in bulk online for a few bucks.

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can you post an Amazon link for these magnets?
Cheapest i could find was $6.99 for 200 pieces, is there anything cheaper?

Edit: Nevermind, I found them, but $6.99 is the cheapest

if u don’t mind waiting a couple of months to get it,

there are cheaper ones shipped from China directly.

These magcraft are available at Hobby Lobby and they have weekly forty percent off coupons. Not as many, but not as expensive either.

Also the package says new but these are ten years old.

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awesome, thank you!

This is an odd configuration for a door , Not much support for the lock On the casing side , A 12 year old could kick this door in.


Hmm. We have a detached garage and the casing looks similar. It is interesting you mention this because I tried this on that door (didn’t work btw) and noticed the frame was split there. I wondered if someone had tried to force entry and tripped the alarm system which is wired out there too. Good thing my Tesla is still on backorder :rofl:

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Been using these small magnets on a ISmart sensor instead of their magnet that come with the sensor. Now using a WYZE sensor in my mailbox which is solid non magnetic metal but still affects the signal strength. I mounted the WYZE sensor in a plastic toothpick box,attached it to the bottom of my mailbox, then I added the small magnets to the non metal mailbox door with super glue. Point is the supplied magnets are bigger then the projects allow and these magnets are small enough to fit anywhere and they work. They have a strong magnetic field which allows a bigger space to the sensor.

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I love this idea. Do you glue the magnet to prevent it from moving?

Unfortunately, although my front door is set up the same, there isn’t a “notch” in the bolt. :slightly_frowning_face:

I did the same thing. I just wish I could do a timed check at a certain time to let me know if the door was locked or not. Because sometimes I get up in the morning and the front door to our house is completely unlocked.

I wish their automation logic was far more extensive or permit an api for something like home assistant to do the automation so I could trigger the rest of my home IOT.

Great idea. I’m definitely going to try to set something like this up. Also props from a fellow Pebble user :slight_smile:

Does anybody know if these deadbolt plungers can be drilled to make a notch to fit the magnets flush? My dead bolt plunger does not have a notch.

Try using a wider but thinner magnet. Pictured below is a 10mm x 1mm magnet I ended up using for more strength. It’s held on to the plunger by superglue.

Needless to say, even though the magnet is only 1mm in thickness, the crevice/clearance between the door and the jamb should be more than 1mm apart so the magnet won’t snag it when the door is opened or closed.

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