Wyze Lock door open notification

Is there (and I can’t see it) a notification for open door (like the contact sensors) so we can see when door is open?

You should get a notification when the door is opened. But you can also go into the app and look at this page and it will show you whether the door is open or closed.

I dont see a notification for door open, and didnt want to have to constantly check the door status…

When the door is open you should get a notification saying that the door was open. But you won’t have anything that will tell you that it’s constantly open. But they do have a few settings that he might help you out. If it says it’s locked then it should be technically closed.

This one will lock the door at whatever set time you want so if the door isn’t closed it won’t lock it. And a buzzer will go off.

This one will tell you the door has been left open and a buzzer will go off. But if you’re not at home I don’t think you get a notification I think it’s just an audible alert at the house. This might be something that we would like to have added if it is not in existence already.

@JonathanF If the door is left open and we get the audible alert at home will we get a notification on our phone also? If not is that something that could be added?

Sorry I wanted to show you that if you do select door left open it gives you time options as to when the audible alert goes off.

I’d like to see a door open notification much like the contact sensor gives, I have kids and pets… so you can imagine. alarm is OK, but may be too late or if I am not at home etc…


I agree I think a notification would be not only handy but it should be some thing almost mandatory.

I would like to think it would be a simple add, already in place for the contact sensor and could make it same for door lock “open/close” sensor. Would like to see this available, especially this summer with kids being home and how good they are at shutting doors when we have pets in the house…

Yeah we have pets in the house too. Three cats and my service dog. I’m disabled. I have contact sensors on a few doors right now that will keep me notified. And I had a friend who made 3-D printed holders for the contact sensors and I’m going to drill holes in the top of the door and in the door frame and they’ll be completely hidden and you won’t even know it. I’m going to do it first on inside doors and then see if I’m able to do it on outside doors instead of buying two more smart deadbolts. Although I prefer the smart deadbolts my wife prefers the cheaper option. Lol

Hello @lemire.todd and @paindonthurt,

Right now, app notification only has unlocked or locked. Door opened or closed is only showed in the history log of your Wyze Lock.

Jonathan, I’m in Florida where we walk in and out and leave our doors wide open (in non-bug season). I could swear this morning i got a “door open” alert on my phone AND an audible signal from the door lock, when i’d left it open to work in the yard 50 feet away. Am I not understanding that that’s not what’s being discussed here? (I also get the usual locked and unlocked, manual and automatic, alerts. The geofencing is working great, btw)

Hello @rtdunham,

There is a Door Left Open Alarm but not a Door Open notification. The Door Open Alarm can be adjusted but by default, it will send notification and alarm the user when the door is left open for 10 minutes.


So I just tested it and the door beeped after it’s been left open for five minutes and I got a notification. Will that repeat or do you just get it once?

Open Door alarm will sound once. It will not repeat.

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Why not include door open notifications for people who dont use alarm? I think it would be a good feature to include… not everyone wants an alarm, but still want to know when door opens and closes exactly like the contact sensors.

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That’s odd that you said 10 minutes , in my app the left open alarm is selectable 1 minute , 5 minutes , 10 minutes , 30 minutes , 60 minutes , but I don’t get any notifications from the lock anyway

Thank you for the feedback. I will discuss this with our team.

By default, it is 10 minutes. You can change it. You should also get a notification on your device from the open door alarm.

OK I see default is 10 minutes.
I don’t know what’s up with the notifications but I don’t get any from the lock , I tried some things that others said fixed there’s but no go , I am running the general public app

Does the door have to be open for 10 minutes to send a notification that it’s open? I don’t get notified if it’s open for 1 minute when the alarm is set for 1 minute. I think it would be more useful if the notification timeframe changed with your settings (1, 5, 10, etc minutes).