Automation with Wyze Lock

I want to get some kind of signal from my Wyze Lock when it is unlocked from the inside/manually.

I have a door that is always kept deadbolted, and before exiting we always unlock the deadbolt. After we’re back inside, we intend to always lock the deadbolt.

I have extensive home automation and linux scripting currently in place.

I might for example want to turn on extra lights outside when the deadbolt is unlocked. Or I might want to turn OFF interior lights until the deadbolt is locked again as a reminder to lock the door.

This thread is to get a list of all the forms of ‘output’ that I can get from the Wyze Lock. What are the options?

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How’s this for an idea. Buy a Wyze Plug, a 120vAC relay, and a zwave dry contact bridge like:

I guess ideally I’d like to find a dry contact bridge that can accept a 120v input. But that would be slim pickings. Maybe I could replace the relay with a 120vAC-to-6 or 12 vAC transformer. That should be slightly faster than, and quieter than a relay.