Door Lock

If I walk out side without my phone will the door lock, auto lock because door is closed?. Concerned getting locked out.


it will automatically lock only if you choose to turn auto lock on

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You just made my wife happy. I told her I was sure it was a option but now it’s in writing nn

So I need to wait untill keypad comes out to leave auto lock on?

You can wait if you want I guess or you can unlock the door with the app or you can use your key, or set up auto unlock


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That’s my big concern also. I can’t tell you how often I go outside for a while without my phone or keys in my pocket. I ordered on early access based on the video Wyze posted about the lock which clearly showed the keypad and didn’t realize that it not only wasn’t included, but not even available for possibly months. The keypad is a hugely important feature to unlock without a phone or keys when auto lock is enabled and pretty much rules out using the whole auto lock feature until I can get a keypad. Now I may not even install the early access lock until the keypad is available which is disappointing. I currently have a non-smart cheap keypad deadbolt and can’t even remember the last time I used a key to open the door.

i just wonder how it compares to the level lock this thing looks amazing.

I wish Wyze well with the lock but I will have to pass on this design.

I currently have 3 electronic deadbolts (2 Weiser Powerbolts & 1 Schlage BE365), and would love to replace them with a Wyze product.

However my doors have a snug fit, with thick weatherstripping around the door, requiring the door to be pushed in against the weatherstripping when turning the deadbolt.

Because the design of the Wyze lock turns the deadbolt electronically I do not believe the Wyze lock will have the power to move the deadbolt against my snug weatherstripping. If instead, the Wyze design was like the Schlage BE365, where the electronics only allow or disallow the exterior knob from turning the deadbolt, I would have ordered 3 Wyze locks now.

Good luck with this product Wyze, but I think there’ll be lots of returns with this design.


good call. most people wouldnt realize limitations that might be within their door such as this. I commend you for being on top of this.

Are you using the deadbolt to hold the door tightly closed against the weather stripping? I ask because I had a similar situation with my Quickset Powerbolt 2. What I did in order to reliably use the battery powered deadbolt was to enlarge the opening on the strike plate just enough where the deadbolt moves in an out smoothly without resistance. It doesn’t reduce security in any meaningful way, the battery deadbolt works easily, and the door is still held tightly closed by the regular door handle strike.


Interesting question @raym64 .

I don’t feel I am using the deadbolt to hold the door tightly closed against the weather stripping. In my mind I simply replaced the original mechanical locks with electronic ones. I assumed the doors were made correctly by the manufacturer, and a snug fit was what the manufacturer was striving for.

It is not an issue for us to push in the door when the opening or closing the deadbolt because we are physically there. Therefore I haven’t felt a need to move the strikeplate.

When installing a smart lock, the door/strikes may need to be adjusted as @raym64 stated. I believe this is even mentioned in the install instructions that come with the locks… The Schlage one at least, as I had to adjust mine for an easy slide of the bolt.

When properly adjusted, there should be no resistance in the deadbolt. I find even a little extra play is good just to compensate for seasonal changes where I live. On my side door, which is the main door we use it would get pretty tight certain times of the year and I actually used my dremel grinder to enlarge the bolt opening a little to get smooth operation.

Thanks for the feedback @Ex70s & @raym64.

I’ll watch the feedback as the product rolls out.

I think the snug weatherstripping helps keep the outside out & the inside in, so am reluctant to loosen the strikeplates.

Interesting observation about power to close. I have an old house with doors that swell and contract with humidity - on a good day the bolts slide smoothly, on a bad day they can bind and require force to slide the bolt in. We’ll see how the lock functions with a bad day.

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You’re welcome. Just one more thought on this… If you have a deadbolt then you also have the regular door handle strike also. On my door, I left the regular door handle strike alone so it still held the door tightly against the weather stripping and only adjusted/increased the opening size of the deadbolt strike plate so the Powerbolt lock didn’t have to work as hard locking and unlocking. The batteries also last longer when there’s no resistance.

There are adjustable strike plates available at home improvement stores. Just in case someone needs to retrofit.

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Now that’s an excellent idea I’ll have to try out. Thanks.

Maybe the timer on the door lock leaves zero so that it doesn’t lock at all when you leave the house see you will go out to Garden and you pull the door shut it won’t lock it all until you come back in?I don’t know if that’s an option or not but it should be for people who go outside and work in the yard a lot in the summer and pull the door shut that it doesn’t lock at all.

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