Door Lock

Yeah, this won’t work for me either. I have to pull on my door when closing from inside and push when closing from outside and I most definitely wouldn’t want it any other way as I want a very tight seal.

Looking forward to this Sooooo much. So tired of standing in the rain or well below zero Wisconsin weather unlocking and locking my door! Juggling groceries and freezing

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This little Lock should improve your life a lot then! If not, there’s always sunny North Carolina waiting to welcome new residents! Hope you really enjoy the lock!

When will we be able to purchase the lock. I have heard no timeline on it.

Feb 2020

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Thanks :+1:

Ok it’s almost the end of Feb 2020. Where is the door locks? Still shows as out of stock…still waiting.

@Scott57 :point_down:


Too bad it’s taken sooooo long for the lock to come back. I’ve waited patiently but I guess not patiently enough. I finally broke down and bought an August smart lock last week. Quick install and works flawlessly so far. I don’t mind paying a little extra for something that works well. Still waiting patiently for the person detection to work again on my cams. Even the continuous recording (monthly fee) doesn’t work very well. :confused:

If you turn on the feature “trash mode” and do the steps, the door will not auto lock so you can outside and do whatever without your phone or keys and come back in.

Thanks… I actually don’t have the trash mode feature yet on my beta app for IOS. It’s okay though because I never planned to have auto lock enabled regularly or really any reason to. I live in a fairly rural area and our door is usually only locked at night or if we’re out anyway. My main concern without the keypad was due to the glitches people were having with the lock unexpectedly locking or unlocking. Although, I’ve never had any of those problems.

If I do use auto lock in the future, I would only use it if it has the ability to do it on a schedule such as after a certain time on the evening.

I believe you can do that with the number pad when that comes out. At least I saw it somewhere in a video. Also if you want say the dog walker person to come in between 10-12 you can give them a code that only works during that time. I think the number pad is coming out in the next month or so. Hope that helps.