Wyze lock no keypad

I recently installed the lock to my deadbolt and love it…BUT make sure you have your phone (or key) with you when you go outside and it auto locks. I did not buy the keypad. I had to go in the garage, get a ladder, take the storm window off (unscrew) and climb through the window. I know you can put it in trash mode to pause the auto lock BUT…it happens. Anyway, it is suppose to open when your return with your phone, correct? I’ve had mixed results and cannot figure out why. Sometimes when I return home it opens without me taking the phone out of my pocket. NICE. If I go out the door and go to get in the truck and have to go back inside for some reason I have to take the phone out of my pocket and open up the wyze app and unlock the door lock. NOT SO NICE (I could have stayed with using the key). So I’m assuming you have to leave the wifi range and then come back in it for it to work like I assumed it would. Sometimes I come home, walk past the door to get the mail and then go back to the door and have to get the phone out to open the door. I have questions about how it auto unlocks. Do you have to just hold the phone close to the door? Do you have to come back into wifi range? Do you have to wake your phone, open the app, then unlock it? Anybody know what triggers the lock to unlock? Does it matter where you place the Gateway? Any guesses?

From what I have seen it is based on proximity of your mobile device to the lock but there is a bit of a range… as in you need to leave the range radius, and return for the auto lock/unlock to execute.

Also needing to always allow Location access to the Wyze app on your mobile device of choice.
Android Example–iOS Example

Auto-Unlock will only work when you leave the goefenced area you set up in settings and return into it again. When you come back into the geofenced area the lock then waits for a bluetooth connection from your phone. When that happens it will unlock. If you open the app it will override the auto unlock, so if you walk up to the door with the app open it will not unlock unless you tell it to. Mine usually unlocks for me about 3-4 seconds after I reach the door but I do not have far to walk to get to my door from where I park.

The two stage process of entering the geofenced area then making a bluetooth connection

Gateway needs to be close enough to the lock that it can connect to it.

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