Auto-Unlock from Inside

I understand that the Wyze Lock can be set to auto-lock and auto-unlock when you approach from the outside. If I have my phone in my pocket and approach the door from the inside, can I get it to auto-unlock as well, or do I have to manually unlock it from the inside?

Thanks in advance for your insights!

P.S. I love my Wyze Cams and Plugs!!!


Welcome to the community @BeResponsible . I am a community member as well and set my inlaws up with a lock.

From my understanding, it will not unlock from the inside. Your device has to go outside of your network area and then return back before it will unlock. For example, you leave your house and go to the mall. When you return home and get near your door, it will automatically unlock if set.

So when inside, your door will not automatically unlock.

@R.Good / @carverofchoice is this the case?


You are correct, to trigger the auto unlock you have to leave the geo-fenced area you set up for the auto unlock. Whatever size of space that is you put into the app. Once you leave that area it recognizes that you have actually left and then it is primed to unlock once you enter that area again and approach the lock.


Thanks for confirming. Guess I should get my own lock. :slight_smile:


You should totally get a lock :wink:

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My only issue is that we have Oil Rubbed Bronze as the color. I will need to paint it to match. But I am planning on it now.