Wyze lock: exiting vs entering

The only description I can see for the wyze lock talks about how it unlocks automatically when you approach your house, and then auto locks after you close the door. (1) Should I assume that it works the same (hands-free) way if I approach from inside in order to leave the house? (2) What happens if I’m inside and pass near the door without opening it? Does it unlock and then re-lock itself?

The answer to number 1 is no. The door uses a geofence and bluetooth combination to unlock. You must first enter the geofence then connect via bluetooth. Since you are already in the house you are not entering the geofence. This is what keeps it from unlocking as you walk around the house.

Therefore what I just explained should answer number 2 also, it will stay locked as you walk around the house.

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To add to Jason’s answer the geofence area is maybe a 300-500 foot circle. I’m estimating that size by the map it shows when I set mine up and the circle extends a couple houses up my street . So before Auto Unlock activates, I have to first leave that geofence area, then return, and then get within BLE Bluetooth low energy range of the lock within 10 minutes of returning to the geofence. C


Thanks for the explanation. So, just to be sure, if I (manually) unlock and leave the house, it will auto-lock after I close the door, right? If so, how far away do I have to be for it to lock? (if I’m sweeping my front steps, or working in my garden, will it lock? or do I have to leave the area?) Also, is there a way to just leave it unlocked while closed?


The auto lock is set up on a timer, for instance mine is set for 10 minutes, so when I leave I manually unlock the door, usually lock the bottom and close it leaving the deadbolt unlocked. 10 minutes after closing the door the deadbolt will lock.

Thanks again! Is there any reason why this sort of information on how the lock works isn’t available on your website? Or am I missing it somehow? I’d rather see this than the cutesy (but not so informative) video about the lock.

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I am not sure why it isn’t on the website. The moderators and mavens you see on here are not employees of WYZE, just users who volunteer time to help out.

I found the following information on the support site for the lock which could give you info you are looking for.


That URL is helpful; for some reason, I never spotted it on the Wyze website. Still, it doesn’t cover some of the questions that I had. Thanks!

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I know this is an old thread… but had a follow-up question on the auto-lock feature. Can the timing be adjusted by the user at any point? … to perhaps 15 seconds?