Wyze Lock - Unlock without entering code

I have a Wyze Lock and purchased the Keypad also. It is installed on my woodshop door about 100 feet from my house. I really like the ability to unlock my woodshop remotely for various reasons. For example when deliveries are made and I’m not there. Although, I dislike the auto unlock feature because when I did use it; I would later find the shop door unlocked, because I don’t always go into the shop when I return home. Sometimes days later it would be unlocked because I don’t use the auto lock feature, therefore it wouldn’t auto lock after I’ve left. I don’t use the auto lock feature because I am constantly going back and forth to the house and having to input the code is a pain. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to be able to walk up to the keypad and push unlock! I mean the lock knows it’s me because I’m connected via Bluetooth. Why do I need to input the code?

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This codeless unlocking feature would allow anyone who steals or finds your lost phone to gain unauthorized entry.

I like your idea. Wyze could let you click unlock and tigger a check for Bluetooth and location.

The Auto Unlock uses location, geo fence, to trigger 10 minute timer and if Bluetooth is seen in that time the unlock will trigger. Seems like a key press could check the conditions and do the same.

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I’m glad someone likes the idea. The current configuration is worthless. My we can team up and get someone to help.

I can appreciate your opinion in regards to someone stealing my phone, but what are the chances of that happening? If Wyze truly though it was a risk all they would have to do is make the user check a box that implies user risk. I find it redundant that I have to input a code when the system already knows I am present and standing at the door. Also, how is my suggestion any more of a security issue than the lock unlocking via a geofence? Give the user the option to unlock whit the push on one button!

How would the system know which side of the door you are located based on a Bluetooth connection?

Could the user setup a distance/range? How far does the Bluetooth reach currently?

Bluetooth (BLE) beacons could potentially achieve this with sub-meter accuracy, but this would require a hardware redesign. The current Lock-to-Keypad Bluetooth max distance is 9 feet.

The Wyze lock “Auto Unlock” feature already unlocks if the user leaves and enters the geofence area and then gets into bluetooth range within a number of minutes. Wife is on couch well within bluetooth range and I walk up to door, it unlocks and I walk in.

The lose phone argument is broken by the lose keys analog. Locks have always had that drawback, if you lose keys.

If the user does not want auto unlock enabled, they do not turn on! Then code is required.

Not sure how other models work, but the one made from unicorn belly hairs works this way…and I love it!